College Guidance

The College and Careers Center has many resources to help your students explore college options.  We have guide books to colleges and on college majors.  Many colleges visit our campus throughout the year and meet with students.  We promote local College Fairs and the preview days and presentations offered by many campuses.  Class sessions on preparing for college take place in Junior and Senior English classes.  Seniors can book small group college application workshops during the first semester, and Juniors can book small group college preparation sessions during the second semester.  Please contact Kate Moody, College and Careers Center Technician at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to make an appointment for these sessions.

The internet is an invaluable source of information for students and parents throughout the college exploration and application process.  The following sites will help with the college search.  Many include links to web sites for individual colleges, virtual campus tours, application criteria, application forms, and financial aid information.
CSUMentor provides information for students and parents on selecting a CSU campus; academic planning to meet CSU entrance requirements; online admissions application; and financial aid information.
Pathways provides links to UC campuses; admission information and criteria; and to the online application process.
Provides links to Community Colleges across California, and includes the ability to search for specific programs or courses by college.
AICCU represents 76 Californian independent colleges and universities.
Provides access to websites and virtual campus tours for colleges across the United States.  Enables college searches by state.
Contains detailed information on 145 public colleges and universities, 125 WASC-accredited non-public institutions, and 254 state-approved or exempt private postsecondary and vocational institutions.  Search by academic program for information on the colleges in California that offer your subject interest.
For information on Community College Career & Technical Education.  Bay Area Career Guide is a free online resource to discover, understand and pursue hundreds of career and technical education (CTE) opportunities at San Francisco Bay Area’s 26 community colleges.
Includes college search, career planning, financial aid, vocational degree information, plus information on studying in Canada/UK/Europe.