College Scholarships

Scholarships are a vital part of funding a college education. In order to help students on their scholarship searches,we will take a detailed look at the process of applying for scholarships with Seniors during the following workshop:


Senior English classes will take part in this workshop and look at: Financial Aid and how to apply; types of scholarships; where to find scholarship information; how to get letters of recommendation; the Dos and Don’ts of writing a scholarship essay; and avoiding scholarship scams.

However,  scholarships can be applied for by students in any grade level.  The College and Careers Center has a number of scholarship guides for students to check out. They include:

* CollegeBoard Scholarship Handbook
* The Scholarship Book
* Peterson’s Scholarships for African-American Students
* Peterson’s Scholarships for Hispanic Students
* Peterson’s Scholarships for Asian-American Students

Also available is the Willow Glen High School Scholarship Bulletin. This includes information on all the scholarship notifications sent to the College and Careers Center, some of which are national, and some that are local. The College and Careers Center has all the issues from the last 12 months on file for students to access. The first scholarship bulletin is produced in October each year, and will be available to download from this page.

2013 April Scholarship Bulletin

The internet is a valuable source of scholarship information. There are many reputable scholarship search sites, and the flier on Scholarship Search Internet Sites is available to download from this page. All students should sign up for at least two, and we recommend:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please remember that all scholarship information is available for free. You should never have to pay for scholarship searches.

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College and Careers Center Technician
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