College Information for Freshman

Freshman year is an important one, when students are transitioning from middle school to high school, and laying down a strong academic foundation as they start work towards fulfilling the requirements for high school graduation and college entry.

Linked to this web page is the Graduation/UC/CSU Eligibility Requirements which details the requirements to graduate high school, for admission to
CSU (California State University) colleges, and for admission to UC (University of California) colleges.

The following website will enable you to access the college preparatory courses offered by Willow Glen High School, to help your student select their high school courses as they move up through the grade levels:

We work with Freshman students and their parents, ensuring that all students complete a four-year academic plan, and are fully aware of the
academic requirements for college entry. As part of this, all students will have access to individual academic counseling, and also participate
in two programs of college and career exploration and research.