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Class of 1977 40th Reunion!
We are currently in the planning stages and looking for help.  For more information, please visit our Facebook page at Willow Glen High School Class of 1977, contact Anthony Taormina @ 702.773.4063, or willowglenclassof .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).  We look forward to hearing from you!

If you are planning a reunion, or have information for an upcoming reunion, please contact WGHS at 408.535.6330 so we can post it on this page.


Joe Herbert just received League MVP and All Conference MVP for Division 2 mens’ volleyball.  University of the Pacific also took the championship title on Sunday and this week they are in Louisville, Kentucky, competing for the National title.  They are currently ranked #9 in the nation. 

Thank you, WGHS, for supporting and coaching my son.  He’s managed to balance his academic career (finishing a Bachelor’s degree in Business next May) and athletics due to the support and encouragement he received in his formative years.

Lindsey Villarreal Herbert

Life in Willow Glen 720p from Margaret Ma on Vimeo.

Willow Glen High School in the early 1950s.

Willow Glen High School opened its doors in 1950, making it the third high school in San Jose.  Juniors and Seniors brought along one color from each of their former schools to create Willow Glen’s colors:  Red from San Jose High and Gold from Lincoln.  A “senior” high school until the early 1980’s, the Class of 1953 was the first class to attend all three years.

We started with over 500 students, and enrollment climbed steadily through the 50’s, necessitating double sessions before the opening of Pioneer High in 1960.  Perhaps the peak enrollment year was 1971, with 1926 students.  Today, 1460 are enrolled.

Classes in the 50’s included:  English, Social Studies, Math, Science, Art, Homemaking , Agriculture, Woodwork, Business, Auto Mechanics, Mechanical Drawing, Drama, Music, and Languages including Latin and Spanish.  Today, the “applied arts” like Homemaking and Mechanical Drawing are taught by the Santa Clara County Office of Education, and we’ve added classes in Film, Psychology, French, and Multimedia Design.

In the early days, student government, clubs, and spirit groups elected officers in both the Fall and the Spring. Today, they are elected for a full year.  In the 50’s, we had a Sewing Club, a Bank Club, a Library Club, a Pen Pal Club, a Camera Club, and an Agriculture Club.  By the 90’s, clubs included Robotics, the Key Club, and the Amnesty International Club.

In the 70’s, students voted for Seniors who were/had the: Funniest, Foxiest, Best Legs, School Cruiser, Biggest Flirt, and Fastest Car.

In the 2000’s, only the Biggest Flirt, Most Athletic, Most Likely to Succeed, and Best All-Around are the same.  Now we have: Everyone’s Friend, Best Eyes, Best Dressed, Life of the Party, Most Spirited, Biggest Slacker, Most Artistic, Worst Driver, and Most Talkative.

1974 was a particularly lively year, with 10 male students “streaking” on March 14 and 26 Seniors stuffing themselves into a Volkswagen to set a record on October 23.

Sports have always been important at Willow Glen.  We started by offering Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, and Swimming for boys, and Field Hockey, Archery, Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Baseball, and Volleyball for girls.  Now, Archery has passed into history, and all the teams are open for everyone.  Back in the 60’s, the football team won a streak of 42 games, ending in 1963.  The 1967 Baseball team brought home our first CCS banner, and the 1968-69 Basketball team was undefeated.  Alums from every decade are happy to tell the stories of their team’s victories.  1969-1970 brought home titles in football, basketball, baseball, along with cross country, track, and wrestling.  The 2008-2009 Boys’ Volleyball won CCS.  In college, WGHS grad Roger Olsen won the 1962 NCAA high jump title at 6’10” while attending the University of California.  At least one alum went on to professional sports:  Bob Berry, who was quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons and the Minnesota Vikings.

The first Principal was Herman Buchser, and the 1953 yearbook was dedicated to him.  The 60’s saw Floyd Russell; the 70’s, Gene Long; the 80’s, Verdis Crockett; the 90’s, Pat Day; and the 00’s, Alums Elaine (Trapani) Farace (’64) and Shannon McGee (’83).

Traditions such as the Dad-Daughter Dance continue, along with the very popular Mother-Son Dance.  Homecoming is a week-long celebration, culminating in the traditional parade down Lincoln Avenue, followed by the JV and Varsity football games.  Please come and join in the fun!

- WGHS History information provided by Kim Guptill and members of the “WGRamsAlumni” Yahoo Group

WGHS Campus
Willow Glen High School as it appears today

Alumni are very important to the continued success of Willow Glen High School

Welcome Home Rams!

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