Willow Glen High School and Middle School Foundation


Who We Are
The Willow Glen Middle School and High School Foundation was formed in July, 2000, to ensure high quality academic and elective programs in the face of technological, social, and economic challenges. The private, non-profit foundation was founded through the cooperative efforts of local parents, faculty, alumni, and public officials and focuses solely on the advancement of academic and cultural programs.

The Foundation is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization committed to making our neighborhood schools, Willow Glen Middle & High, the best they can be. (Non-profit tax I.D. #46-2106211)

We are parents, community members and educators who care passionately about public school education. We raise money through membership and community events and spend it on academic and cultural initiatives.

In addition, the Foundation is the face for our neighborhood schools, championing their strengths and benefits.

Who Benefits From the Willow Glen Foundation
Each Student – Inspiration from an unexpected place, new perspective on an old idea, an experience that sparks the imagination, a life-long love of learning.

Teachers and Staff – Resources that help bring lessons to life, students ready to learn, a partner that shares a commitment to public education.

Willow Glen Residents – Stronger schools mean stronger neighborhoods, enhancing Willow Glen’s reputation as a desirable place to live. 

Please Join Us Today!
We invite you: a parent, past or future parent; an alumnus; a neighbor or committed community member to become involved with the Willow Glen Foundation. For more information, visit our website