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All San Jose Unified School District Students are inspired and prepared to succeed in a global society.
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San Jose Unified School District’s mission is to eliminate the opportunity gap and provide every student with the finest 21st century education.

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Formerly Edwin Markham Middle School

Willow Glen Middle School, built in 1950, was formerly called Edwin Markham Middle School, named after famous poet Edwin Markham (1852-1940).  Markham taught literature in El Dorado County until 1879, when he became Education Superintendent of the County.  Markham attended an early college in Vacaville, CA, where he studied literature, and eventually completed his classical courses in 1873 in Santa Rosa, CA.  At the time of his death, he’d amassed a huge personal library of 15,000+ volumes. Edwin’s correspondents included Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ambrose Bierce, Jack London, Carl Sandburg and Amy Lowell.  Five schools in California were named in honor of Edwin Markham, one of which was our middle school.


Welcome to Willow Glen Middle School!

Willow Glen Middle School focuses on academic excellence and college readiness for all students by providing a strong academic curriculum supported by core instructional teams at each grade level. Electives include art, band, choir, computer technology, drama, journalism, leadership, robotics, speech, solar energy science, French, Spanish, and yearbook. Advanced math and foreign language courses are offered, as are support courses in reading and math. Additional academic support and student activities are also provided through the After-School All-Stars program. A wide variety of sports are popular after school in conjunction with the Eastside Athletic League, SJUSD Basketball League and the After-School Think Together Group.

Hello parents and students of Willow Glen Middle School,
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SJUSD invites you to: Measure H districtwide community meeting

SJUSD will host a districtwide community meeting on Tuesday, October 14, from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at Gunderson High, which is located at 622 Gaundabert Lane in San José. At this meeting, parents and community members will have the opportunity to reiterate to the school district the capital projects they believe the school district should pay attention to and provide any other comments regarding Measure H funds.
    This meeting is the next step in engaging SJUSD parents and community members in this process after the meetings held throughout September at all local schools.
    You are welcome to attend the districtwide meeting and provide your input.
    The Measure H General Obligation bonds were approved by voters on November 6, 2012. Approximately $80 million in Measure H bonds will be issued in January 2015. These funds will help the school district make improvements in several areas-academic programs; school safety and security; classrooms and science labs; repair, construct, or equip school sites and classrooms; teacher retention by upgrading technology; and much
    Following this community meeting next week, the SJUSD Board of Education will discuss implementation of the plan during its meeting on November 6. The Board will take final action on the plan during its second monthly meeting on November 20.

Junta Informativa de la Medida H

El Distrito SJUSD llevará a cabo una junta comunitaria el martes, 14 de octubre de 6:30 a 8:00p.m. en la Preparatoria Gunderson, ubicada en 622 Gaundabert Lane en San José.  Durante esta junta, los padres y los miembros de la comunidad tendrán la oportunidad de reiterar a los funcionarios del Distrito cuáles son los proyectos principales en los que ellos piensan que se debe enfocar el Distrito.  Asimismo, podrán contribuir cualquier otro comentario con respecto a los fondos de la Medida H.  Le invitamos cordialmente a participar y aportar sus ideas y sugerencias.
Los fondos obligatorios generales de la Medida H fueron aprobados por los votantes el 6 de noviembre de 2012. En enero de 2015 se emitirán aproximadamente $80 millones de dólares en bonos de la Medida H. Dichos fondos ayudarán a nuestro Distrito a hacer mejoras en una variedad de áreas: programas académicos; protección y seguridad escolar; laboratorios y salones de Ciencia; reparar, construir o equipar a las escuelas y los salones de clases; retener a los maestros al actualizar la tecnología; entre otros muchos proyectos



 WGMS Library at a glance 

Book Club kick-off meeting:

Wednesday, September 24th in the library at lunch.

Homework Center:

Monday - Thursday from 3:00 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.

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WGMS Hicklebee's In-Store fundraiser:

Wednesday, November 12th @ 7 p.m. Sign-up here!

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2014-2015 YEARBOOKS

Start thinking about ordering your yearbooks today. Yearbooks will be priced at just $40.00 until October 26, 2014, and then the price will be $42.00. Personalize your books with your name for just an additional $5.00 and get 4 icons free.
Order your yearbooks at:  Jostens

Parent Portal

The parent portal will be up and running after Friday, August 29th.  Thank you for your patience.


As of October 11, 2013 the portal is now self-serve.  Parents and students will need to add additional security preferences when registering a new account or logging into an existing account.
Security preferences are another layer of protection for your account and will allow you to reset your password should you ever need to.  Users can log in up to three times before these settings will be required.
If you have questions, please call the school and ask for Katherine M.
Log onto Parent Portal here:  Campus Parent Portal Access


Make sure you check out (Student Link Ups )for log on access to English magazines and news sources from your classes.


CLICK HERE: Uniform/Dress Code

Uniform Donations are Appreciated
All students are encouraged to donate outgrown uniform items in room D104. Clean items only, not torn or stained items, please.

Family News

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