At Willow Glen Middle School, 6th graders participate in Earth Science while 7th and 8th graders concentrate on Life Science and Physical Science, respectively. Throughout all grades, the emphasis is on experiential, hands-on learning, and instruction is aligned to the next generation science standards (NGSS).

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Science 6 - Earth Science

The science curriculum in the 6th grade emphasizes the study of Earth Sciences.  The standards in 6th grade present many of the foundations of geology and geophysics, including plate tectonics and earth structure, topography and energy.  The material is linked to resource management and ecology, building on what students have learned in previous grades.  Unless students take a high school Earth Science class, what they learn in 6th grade will be their foundation for Earth Science literacy.  Students take a full year of 6th grade science.

Science 7 - Life Science

The 7th grade science class at WGMS is focused mainly on Life Science.  It is a California standards-based, hands-on, multi-modal, multi-sensory, differentiated curriculum.  We focus on learning investigative and experimentation process skills.  We reinforce knowledge of cells, genetics, fossils, life over time and body structures.  Dissection skills are used as enrichment tools in our curriculum.  The underlying aim of this course is to prepare students for high school, college and beyond.

Science 7-Life Science with Biomedical focus

In this course students cover the 7th grade content standards along with exploring concepts of human physiology, forensics, DNA and crime scene investigation.

Science 8 - Physical Science

8th grade science is a year-long exploration of the physical sciences.  During the first semester we learn about chemistry.  Students study the parts of the atom, the periodic table, chemical reactions, and a brief introduction of organic chemistry.  The spring semester focuses on physics and astronomy.  Students learn Newton’s laws of motion, density, and pressure.  The year’s material culminates with the physical science CST in early May.  The year concludes with a discussion about astronomy focusing on how our previous learning helps describe the mysteries of the universe.

Engineering 8

Through problems that engage and challenge, students explore a broad range of engineering topics, including mechanisms, the strength of structures and materials, and automation.  students develop skills in problem solving, research, and design while learning strategies for design process documentation, collaboration, and presentation.

Science Instructors

Below is a list of WGMS Science teachers.  Also, click on Teacher Web Pages to learn more about our Science teachers and the classes they teach.

Shannon Grannis
Ron Hamby
Melinda Hoppe
Bobbe Maxey
Samta Nema
Maryam Raymond
Shannon Ridell
Glenda Yap

Science Resources

Click here to view some science resources that may help students in science classes.