Social Studies

The Social Studies program at WGMS is a broad examination of the human condition from the earliest world civilizations to modern societies. Focus emphasizes particular times and areas of the world. Various research and study skills are reinforced throughout the program and align to the newly-adopted state instructional framework for social studies. 

6th Grade Social Studies - Ancient Civilizations

The 6th grade curriculum covers Ancient Civilizations.  Students explore the elements of society and culture and the conflicts which have influenced the development of mankind and the first societies.  In particular, students focus on: Early Man, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Kush, India, China, Israel, Greece, and Rome before AD 200 approximately.

7th Grade Social Studies - World History

7th grade Social Studies curriculum covers the study of geography, culture and religion in late antiquity through the medieval world.  Following the Middle Ages, students will study the fall of Rome, the spread of Islam, Medieval Africa, China, Japan, MesoAmerica and Europe.  When studying Europe, classes focus on life, religion and politics after the fall of Rome through the Renaissance and Age of Exploration.  The curriculum is based on the Content Standards adopted by the California State Content Standards. The class text is Discovering Our Past: Medieval and Early Modern Times, by Jackson J. Spielvogel, Ph.D., published by Glencoe/McGraw Hill.

8th Grade Social Studies - American History

8th Grade Social Studies has a curriculum that explores the birth and development of America with a focus on the geography, economy, government, military, foreign affairs and people who contributed to creating a new nation. The class begins with pre-colonial America and then to the U.S. Constitution and the events that shaped a young United States. Westward expansion is the next theme, and students will review the effect it had on Native Americans, the land as well as other nations. Classes will examine and analyze the causes and events that resulted in the Civil War and the Reconstruction period.  Additionally, students will examine and analyze the social, economic and technological factors that resulted in America’s industrialization. The final focus will be the major concepts of democracy. The curriculum is based on Content Standards adopted by the California State Board of Education.  The class text is Creating America, A History of the United States by Jack N. Rakove and Jose C. Moya, published by McDougal Little Inc.

Social Studies Instructors

Below is a list of WGMS Social Studies teachers.  Also, click on Teacher Web Pages to learn more about our teachers and the classes they teach.

Gorette Cardoso
Diana Dean
Cheryl Elafifi
Judy Hansen
Colleen Lemon
Marlys Mitrovich
Katharine Norton
Lori Romano
Shannon Scaletta
Kathy Scrivani
Stephen St. Amour
Aidan Sundstrom
Kari White