Drama Class

This elective one-semester drama class which includes improvisation exercises and activities—is designed to have special resonance with adolescents. This class improves verbal expression, enhances listening skills, builds body awareness, increases interpersonal intelligence, and boosts self-confidence.

Among the many things this course will cover, it explores of the following: Basic acting techniques, Character work, Relationships on stage, Scene work with partners, Motivation, Improvisation exercises and games.

Blended Learning Links

Achieve 3000 Dreambox SpringBoard
Core 5 Google Classroom Illuminate Home Connection
Edutyping nwea  

To ensure student access to Blended Learning programs, please use the application links above. You can bookmark this page on your personal device/s so that you can easily navigate back to it in the future. In addition to this page, you can also review the Blended Learning links guide here. This guide explains how to use the OneLogin or Clever dashboard for access, both methods are fully supported. We do not advise using a search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc.) to find application login pages. San Jose Unified uses Clever to sync student/teacher/roster data so that it is always up-to-date, our supported programs have to be accessed through the unique links that integrate with Clever.

If you are using an iPad at home, please download the “Clever” application and the specific app (Dreambox, Lexia) that your student is trying to use from the App Store. Open the Clever app, login, and it should work as expected.

If you have any questions, please contact your site TSC or submit a Help Desk ticket via email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


English Language Arts

The Willow Glen ELA department is focused on spiraling curriculum that articulates from 6th through 8th grade.  The implementation of the new Common Core State Standards is at the forefront of the program with an increase in non-fiction reading and writing based on evidence and analysis.

Students will study the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) units of fictional narrative, expository reading and writing, argumentation, comparing themes across genres, as well as complete a research project.  Classes focus strongly on analysis of informational text (non-fiction) and elements of fictional text.  Students are expected to gain command of English conventions appropriate to 6th grade level and beyond.

ELA 7 is balanced and comprehensive. The language arts processes of reading, writing, listening, and speaking are taught in an integrated and inter-related manner. Course components include the study of rich and varied literature; writing in the genres of narrative, persuasive, expository, and response to literature, direct instruction in language arts skills and strategies, including vocabulary development, spelling, and grammar; a balance of oral and written language activities; and on-going diagnosis and assessment.

ELA 8 is a standards-based course designed to develop skills in listening, speaking, reading comprehension, language usage and writing, literary analysis, and critical thinking. Students develop those skills that enable them to demonstrate their understanding and appreciation of literary works through the use of several writing forms. Additional skills, such as argumentation, active learning techniques and pre-writing skills enhance the students’ development as learners.

Applied Science Elective

Applied Science is a laboratory and project-based science elective course.  Students will conduct chemistry experiments and write lab reports in a Cornell Notes format.  They will also build several different projects (mousetrap car, soda straw balance, etc.).  In addition, Mr. Pratt has two different computer based tools that he plans to incorporate into the course.

Applied Science

If you have questions, please contact teacher David Pratt.

Student Artwork Samples

fine arts

Art Studio




The Visual Arts program challenges students to use a variety of materials, techniques and visual concepts.

Art is a mixed-grade level semester or year-long course during which students use the visual arts to help enhance identity and self expression, looking through many world cultures. Some of the areas explored include hand drawn and computer aided design of two and three dimensional media. Emphasis is placed on art production, aesthetic awareness, art criticism and art history.  Experiences include drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, craft, design, architecture, illustration, installation, written critique and gallery display.

Below is a list of WGMS Art teachers.  Also, click on Teacher Web Pages to learn more about our teachers and the classes they teach.

Mary Evans
Tony Galvan

Girl drawing

Outdoor class

Outdoor class


Yearbook is a year-long elective which focuses on planning, creating, editing and promoting our annual yearbook.  Every student in the Yearbook class is assigned yearbook pages, and develop writing, editing, graphic design and layout skills as well as individual, team, and group responsibility.  For more information, contact Yearbook teacher, Alana Abatecola at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


Students are expected to work well with others and maintain at least a C grade in their Language Arts class.  The class is open to all grade levels, but due to a high level of interest, space is limited.

Please complete the Year Book Application and return to the WGMS Main Office no later than March 31, 2017. Yearbook

Yearbook Orders

To order a WGMS Yearbook online, please visit Jostens.


Journalism is a year long class which focuses on the basic elements of journalism.  Students will study the writing style, structure, and legal/professional responsibilities of a journalist while helping to create the school newspaper, The Ram Report.  Students will be expected to work independently on their articles, which range from an advice column to world news.  They will also be expected to work with partners on short-term assignments and in groups on larger projects.  If you have any questions, please email Ms. Abatecola.



Leadership is an elective designed to help develop leadership skills through direct participation in the planning and implementation of a variety of student and staff activities. 

The curriculum also includes teacher led lessons on topics such as goal setting, communication, decision making, leadership styles and parliamentary procedure.  Students plan many fun events, including dances and sixth grade activity days. 

Each student completes 28 hours of community service each semester, and plan five major service projects as a class.  Leadership teacher, Mary Evans is excited to have the opportunity to invest in the school and the students through this program. If you have any questions about the program, please email Mary at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


Students interested in taking the Leadership elective need to apply the spring prior to the year they want to participate.  The process involves filling out an application and getting teacher recommendations by the required deadline.  Students must have a passing grade in each class and receive a positive rating from all teachers to be considered.

Computer Electives


Introduction to Computers is a semester long class in which students work with software applications to create music, drawings, and animations.  Students in the class may also complete coding activities, practice keyboarding, or explore video game design.

6th Grade Computer Elective Wheel

Students in the six week Computer Elective Wheel class explore the history and development of computers, practice keyboarding, create word processing documents and computer drawings, complete a self-paced unit on digital literacy, and are introduced to programming.



The WGMS Robotics course is a year long class that uses Vex robotics materials to build their robots. A series of whole class and small group activities introduce students to robots and programming.

In addition to working with controller driven robots, students will program robots to autonomously perform a variety of actions. Students will use problem-solving and collaborative learning as they debug the programs they have written and adjust the physical robot they have built. After completion of some basic robot projects, teams extend their skills with more advanced building/programming tasks.

To learn more about our Computer Technology and Robotics Instructor, Dennis McCarthy.


Choir is open to all interested students as an elective. Learn to sing, perform and love music.  No prior experience required!

Applause Show Choir

Students develop their vocal technique, learn to read musical notation and perform a wide variety of choral literature. Students learn fundamentals of movement and dance.  There are several performance annually. Entrance by auditions.

Audition’s for the 2017-2018 School Year will take place June 1 in Room H104 3:30PM to 5:00PM.  Students do not need to prepare anything ahead of time, but my print off the audition form to complete earlier if desired.  Students will be taught a short song/dance and then perform in groups of 5-6.  Students are rated on the following:

    Vocal Abilities (can they match pitch, are they able to be heard, do they enunciate clearly)
    Dance Abilities (are they able to pick up choreography easily, and if they mess up, are they able to quickly recover)
    Stage Presence (is the student giving a performance that is conveying the correct emotion to the audience in correlation to the song, and are they confident)
    Questions? Please email Mrs. Duarte at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Click on go.sjusd.willowglenchoir to see some photos of past choir events as well as upcoming events.  Learn more about Choir Instructor Sarah Duarte.


Foreign Language

The study of French or Spanish can begin in the 6th grade with Introduction to Foreign Language.  Language and vocabulary development is emphasized in both classes.  An opportunity to visit France and Spain during spring break is available.  Extremely motivated students may take High School Equivalent French and Spanish in the 7th and 8th grade. Emphasis is placed on the development of skills of speaking and aural comprehension, with special attention paid to pronunciation and intonation. Classes are conducted in the target language.


There are two levels of French electives classes available to WGMS students:

Students in all grades who want to “try out” a language are enrolled in a single semester of French. This year, there are two classes of Introduction to French.  Many of these students join the Introduction to Spanish class at the next semester.

7th and 8th graders may enroll in the year-long French 1-2 HE, a high school equivalency class.  Upon successful completion of the course and exit exam, they will earn 10 credits for high school.  This class is not appropriate for native French speakers.  Requires a year-long commitment.

For questions regarding French classes, contact our French teacher, Jeanne Boin.


There are two levels of Spanish electives classes available to WGMS students:

INTRODUCTION TO SPANISH students in all grades who want to “try out” a language are enrolled in a single semester of Spanish. This year, there are three classes of Introduction to Spanish.  Many of these students switch to the Introduction to French class the following semester.

SPANISH 1-2 HIGH SCHOOL EQUIVALENCY 7th and 8th graders may enroll in the year-long Spanish 1-2 HE, a high school equivalency class.  Upon successful completion of the course and exit exam, they’ll earn 10 credits for high school.

Intro to Spanish is not appropriate for native Spanish speakers. 

All middle school High School Equivalency courses are as rigorous as the equivalent high school course.  This is a fast-paced, foreign language course that will prepare students to pass an exam at the end of the year.  The State Foreign Language Standards fall into 5 categories:  Content, Communication, Cultures, Structures, and Settings.  All of these content areas are covered in Spanish 1-2 HE. Requires a year-long commitment.

Below is a list of WGMS Spanish teachers. 

Rosa Overhage
Yvonne Undeen





Homework Support

The Homework Center - Apoyo con Las Tareas

Homework center is staffed daily by a teacher. During Homework center, students are able to complete homework, work as an individual or group, use library resources, check out books, use computers and printers.

The Homework Center is located in the Willow Glen Middle School Library.
Hours:   3:15PM - 4:15PM
Days: Monday–Thursday

Math Tutoring Available

Click HERE to see the math tutoring schedule. 

Regular Library Hours:
M: 8:40AM - 4:15PM
T - Th:  7:30AM - 4:15PM
F:  7:30 - 3:00PM

Closed for lunch: 
M:  12:30 - 1:15PM
T - F:  11:30 - 12:15PM



There are a variety of opportunities for students to learn and improve their instrument skills at WGMS.

Beginning Band

Concert Band is the introductory band program at WGMS.  It introduces instrumental music and provides instruction for clarinet, flute, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, horn, tuba and drums.  No previous musical experience is required.  Requires a year-long commitment.

Intermediate Band

This is a class for students with previous musical experience. Students develop their performance skills on selected instruments and perform at various venues. The curriculum includes performance, theory, composition, improvisation, and listening skills. Students must have completed one year of beginning instrument instruction or one year of private lessons.

Jazz Band

Jazz Band is an advanced course for students wishing to pursue more advanced musical theory and performance.  This course requires students to audition and have several years of band experience.  For more information on auditions, please contact Ms. Lee.

To learn more about the Band programs offered at WG Middle and High schools, click on the Performing Arts Boosters website.

Band Instructor: Ms. Lee

Clases Optativas

En la Escuela Secundaria Willow Glen tenemos una variedad de clases optativas para que los estudiantes escojan que incluyen:

Banda Musical
Technología de Computación
Periodimo y Anuario
Oratoria y Debate
Ciencia de la Energía Solar

En Español


At WGMS, we have a variety of elective classes for students to choose from including:

Computer & Robotics
Foreign Language
Speech and Debate

Programas Académicos

La Escuela Secundaria Willow Glen es una comunidad de aprendizaje única que se enfoca en la participación de los estudiantes en actividades académicas que son intelectualmente desafiantes así como también en el atletismo, las artes y oportunidades de servicio comunitario.  Nosotros alentamos a nuestros estudiantes a descubrir y a desarrollar nuevos talentos y habilidades.

La Escuela Secundaria Willow Glen imparte enseñanza que toma como guía datos estadísticos con el fin de proporcionar una experiencia académica enriquecedora. Los estudiantes toman cursos tales como Preálgebra, Álgebra 1,  Geometría, Álgebra 2 y Trigonometría, Energía Solar, Liderazgo,  Español a nivel de preparatoria 1 / 2, Español 3 / 4, Francés 1 / 2 , Francés 3 / 4, Francés y Español a nivel principiantes, Coro y Coro de concierto, Banda a nivel principiante e intermedio, Percusión, Oratoria y Debate, Ciencia de un año de duración en 6º, 7º y 8º grados, Arte en 3a dimensión y 2a dimensión.  Los maestros colaboran semanalmente para compartir los mejores métodos y para analizar estrategias de enseñanza.

El aprendizaje en la Escuela Secundaria Willow Glen continúa después del día académico. Los estudiantes asisten al programa “All-Stars” después de clases para obtener ayuda con las tareas, hacer deporte y actividades de enriquecimiento. Los estudiantes tienen oportunidades de viajar a Francia y a España así como también a la ciudad de Nueva York, Washington, D.C. y Boston para experimentar de primera mano la historia y la cultura de esos lugares. 

Cursos que se ofrecen


Artes del Lenguaje

Artes del Lenguaje del 6º grado        
7º grado                
8º grado                
Intervención en la escritura          
Escritura creativa        

Estudios Sociales

Historia de la antigüedad del 6º grado
Historia mundial del 7º grado
Historia de los EE. UU. del 8º grado

Inglés como segundo idioma básico



6º grado
Preálgebra del 7º grado
Álgebra del 8º grado
Álgebra 1 HS
Geometría HE


Ciencias Terrestres                
Ciencias Naturales                
Ciencias Físicas

Educación Físca (P.E.)

Educación Especial


Tecnología de computación
Periodismo y anuario escolar
Ciencia de energía solar


Los maestros siguen el Manual de información para maestros estudiantes y padres del SJUSD para asignar 20-30 minutos de tarea por clase académica al día. Cada estudiante recibe una libreta “Ram” al principio del ciclo escolar que incluye un calendario donde los estudiantes registran sus tareas de Artes del Lenguaje, Lectura, Estudios Sociales, Ciencia, Matemáticas, Educación Física y materias optativas.

Libros de text

La adopción de los libros de texto la hace el Distrito, que proporciona libros de texto aprobados por el estado y adoptados por el SBE en todas las áreas de las asignaturas comunes. Los libros de texto cumplen con las Normas de Contenido de California. El Distrito Escolar Unificado de San José compra un libro de texto por estudiante. Todos los estudiantes tienen acceso a los libros de texto adoptados por el estado. Además de estos libros, los estudiantes tienen acceso a muchos libros publicados para complementar su enriquecimiento. El Departamento de Desarrollo del Idioma Inglés también tiene muchos textos que apoyan la adquisición del inglés de los estudiantes que están aprendiendo inglés.

Actividades extraacadémicas

A los estudiantes se les anima a que participen en actividades después de clases que incluyen Robótica, Banda Musical, espectáculo “Applause” de coro, deportes de equipo y producciones de teatro. Estas actividades proporcionan la oportunidad de desarollar más a fondo sus intereses, habilidades y amistades. Se desarrollan oportunidades de liderazgo en las activides del gobierno estudiantil y el club WEB (donde todos pertenecen).

Cursos del 7º periodo

La Escuela Secundaria Willow Glen es la única escuela secundaria del Distrito Unificado de San José que ofrece cursos en el 7º periodo tales como Liderazgo, Banda Musical, Coro, Anuario y Robótica.

Tradiciones académicas

Los estudiantes participan en muchas tradiciones únicas de la Escuela Secundaria Willow Glen. Un ejemplo es la firma del Libro Dorado donde a los estudiantes que han logrado sacar calificaciones de A o de A y B se les honra en una ceremonia la cual culmina con ellos firmando el Libro Dorado, una tradición de cincuenta años.  También hay varias asambleas de premiación durante el ciclo escolar para la distribución de certificados o premios para reconocer logros específicos.

Transición a la escuela preparatoria

Una transición sólida de la escuela secundaria a la preparatoria prepara mejor a los estudiantes para continuar sus estudios en los años que exijen retos académicos más altos de la escuela preparatoria.  Dicha transición se facilita con la ayuda de un consejero académico.

Mensaje del Senor Thomas Rousseau, Subdirector de Enseñanza

Carol Ann Tomlinson opina que, “Todo estudiante, además de enfrentar retos, necesita tener éxito. Uno de los problemas con un salón que no cuenta con enseñanza diferenciada es que sólo algunos estudiantes enfrentan retos y tienen la oportunidad de triunfar, algunos otros no tienen retos suficientes y triunfan sin retos, mientras que a otros más se les dan demasiados retos y no tienen la oportunidad de triunfar.” El personal de la Escuela Secundaria Willow Glen ha estado buscando maneras de fomentar el éxito para todos los estudiantes este semestre.

La Escuela Secundaria Willow Glen está comprometida en proporcionar un programa de enseñanza basado en normas para sus estudiantes de acuerdo a las normas estatales y federales.  Usamos el plan de estudios adoptado por el Distrito o por la Mesa Directiva todos los días.  Seguimos estrictamente los calendarios pedagógicos progresivos y los exámenes de referencia en Artes del Lenguaje, Matemáticas y Desarrollo del Idioma Inglés como lo describe el SJUSD, lo cual se les requiere a todos los salones de clases de todas las escuelas.

Los exámenes de referencia son una parte importante para ver el éxito de cada estudiante en dominar las normas.  Los exámenes de referencia le dan una “medida de aceite” acerca de lo preparados que están los estudiantes en grupo e individualmente para el examen de las Normas de California. Los exámenes de referencia aseguran que los estudiantes tendrán la oportunidad de aprender el contenido apropiado al seguir el ritmo de las normas del programa de enseñanza.  Los exámenes de referencia son herramientas de diagnóstico para los maestros.  Los maestros pueden evaluar la enseñanza y el programa de estudios y hacer preguntas de diagnóstico acerca del aprendizaje de los estudiantes.  Las preguntas que se les hacen necesitan centrarse en las necesidades de aprendizaje tanto individuales como colectivas de los estudiantes. El maestro puede evaluar la enseñanza y el contenido para buscar puntos fuertes y áreas que necesiten mejoría.
Hemos visto los datos estudiantiles y hemos instituido intervenciones académicas para los estudiantes cuyo desempeño cae por debajo del nivel de grado.  A los estudiantes que participan en intervenciones académicas se les administrarán evaluaciones previas y posteriores para medir el avance en el dominio de las normas y de las habilidades básicas necesarias para triunfar.

Como personal, hemos estado viendo las calificaciones, específicamente las de los estudiantes que reciben calificaciones de D y F.  Hemos analizado por qué no estan triunfaando los estudiantes y hemos generado estrategias para mejorar el desempeño estudiantil. Recientemente tuvimos un concurso de tareas. Los estudiantes que entregaron todas sus tareas durante un periodo específico, recibieron un pase por un día para poder venir a la escuela sin uniforme. Se eligió un periodo y se les dio una pulsera para distinguir a los estudiantes de cada clase que hubieran terminado su tarea.  Los maestros proporcionan más ayuda con tareas después de las clasesy a la hora del almuerzo así como también en nuestro nuevo Centro de Tareas después de clases.

Como una escuela, la Secundaria Willow Glen prepará a los estudiantes para la preparatoria, donde tendrán que completar todos los requisitos de la a-g y aprobar el examen CAHSEE satisfactoriamente y preparará a los estudiantes a lograr las metas anuales de progreso adecuado (AYP) y a mostrar progreso continuo fijándose metas, conversaciones acerca de los exaamenes,  murales de datos, campañas de lectura y actividades de preparación para los exámenes, etc. El éxito para todos nuestros estudiantes es la meta a que nos dedicamos todos los días.  Agradecemos a todas las familias de la Escuela Secundaria Willow Glen por su apoyo en lograr el éxito para todos.

En Español

Academic Programs

Willow Glen Middle School is a unique learning community focused on engaging students in academics that are intellectually challenging as well as in athletics, the arts, and service opportunities.  We empower our students to discover and develop new talents and skills through instruction aligned to California Common Core State Standards.

WGMS uses data-driven instruction to provide an enriching academic experience.  Students take courses such as Math 6, Math 7, Math 8, Algebra, Geometry, Accelerated Math, Leadership, High School equivalent Spanish 1 / 2, Spanish 3 / 4, French 1 / 2 , French 3 / 4, Introductory French and Spanish, Choir and Concert Choir, Beginning and Intermediate Band, Drums, Speech and Debate, yearlong science in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, and 3D and 2D Art.  Teachers collaborate weekly to share best practices and discuss teaching strategies.

Learning at WGMS continues outside of the academic day. Students may attend the after school YMCA Program for homework help, sports, and enrichment.  Outside tour organizations offer students the opportunity to travel to France and Spain as well as New York City, Washington, D.C., and Boston to experience history and culture. 

Course Offerings

LANGUAGE ARTS             
6th Grade Language Arts                          
7th Grade Language Arts                          
8th Grade Language Arts                          
Reading Intervention

Ancient History, 6th
World History, 7th
American History, 8th

Earth Science, 6th                                  
Life Science, 7th                                    
Life Science w/SIP Medical Focus                  
Engineering, 8th      

Math 6
Accelerated Math 6
Math 7
Accelerated Math 7
Math 8



Computer Technology                            
Speech & Debate
6th Grade Wheel


Teachers follow the SJUSD Student and Parent Information Handbook in assigning 20-30 minutes of homework per academic subject area per day. Each student receives a Ram Planner at the beginning of the school year that includes a daily calendar where students record their Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies, Science, Math, P.E. and Elective assignments. Per SJUSD Board Policy, homework is not assigned over breaks.

Extracurricular Activities

Students are encouraged to become involved in after-school activities that include Robotics, Band, Applause Show Choir, Yearbook, team sports and drama productions. These activities provide students the chance to further develop interests, skills and friendships. Leadership opportunities are developed in Student Government and WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) activities.

Transition to High School

A solid transition from middle school to high school better prepares students to continue their studies in the academically challenging years of high school. Transition is facilitated through an Academic Counselor.




El programa de Matemáticas de la Escuela Secundaria Willow Glen avanza de Matemáticas básicas a Preálgebra y después a Álgebra I.  El programa abarca la comprensión y las aplicaciones prácticas.  El uso de actividades de práctica, calculadoras y computadoras añaden variedad y gozo al salón de Matemáticas.  Todos los estudiantes toman cursos equivalentes a Álgebra I de preparatoria y pueden recibir crédito en la preparatoria a la que asistan.  Los estudiantes tienen la oportunidad de avanzar a Geometría y a Álgebra II si demuestran grandes logros.

Matemáticas de 6º Grado

Los estudiantes aprenden sumas, restas, multiplicación y división de números enteros, fracciones positivas, decimales positivos y números enteros positivos y negativos. La instrucción también incluye radios, proporciones, porcentajes, probabilidad, lógica y estadística. A través de una variedad de actividades, los estudiantes participan en calcular, medir, aplicaciones de Geometría y a hacer gráficas. Este curso cumple los requisitos del Distrito y del estado y los del esquema de trabajo estatal de Matemáticas.


Este curso refuerza las habilidades de Matemáticas que se enseñaron en la clase de sexto grado con un cálculo adicional avanzado que incluye énfasis en los conceptos algebraicos. Los alumnos estudian fracciones, decimales, porcentajes, números enteros positivos y negativos, números racionales. Ellos se convierten más diestros usando radios, proporciones y resolviendo ecuaciones algebraicas. Los estudiantes continúan practicando sus habilidades matemáticas para resolver problemas escritos y para pensar creativa y analíticamente. Este curso reúne los requisitos del Distrito y del estado y los del esquema de trabajo estatal de Matemáticas.

Álgebra I

A traves del estudio de álgebra, los estudiantes desarrollan un entendimiento del lenguaje simbólico de las Matemáticas y de las Ciencias. Además, se desarrollan las destrezas y conceptos algebraicos en una variedad de situaciones de resolución de problemas. El primer curso de Álgebra incluye la comprensión, la escritura, la resolución y el trazado de ecuaciones lineares y cuadráticas, incluyendo sistemas de dos ecuaciones lineares en dos desconocidos. Los estudiantes también se familiarizarán con operaciones que incluyan expresiones con monomios, polinomios, funciones, funciones, relaciones y las reglas básicas de los exponentes.


Las destrezas y conceptos de Geometría que se desarrollan en este curso son útiles para todos los estudiantes. Además de aprender estas destrezas y conceptos, los estudiantes desarrollarán su habilidad de construir argumentos formales, lógicos y pruebas en entornos y problemas geométricos. Comenzando con términos indefinidos y axiomas, los estudiantes aprenden a establecer la validez de otras afirmaciones a través de deducciones lógicas. El énfasis de este curso es la Geometría plana o euclidiana, sin embargo también se explora la geometría coordinada y la tridimensional. En este curso, los estudiantes comienzan a ver cómo los conceptos algebraicos añaden una nueva dimensión al entendimiento de la geometría e inversamente, como la geometrría le da substancia al Álgebra.

Maestros de Matemáticas

En la parte inferior encontrarán una lista de los maestros de Matemáticas de la Escuela Secundaria Willow Glen. También pueden hacer clic en Teacher Web Pages para saber más acerca de nuestros maestros y de las clases que enseñan.

Jennifer Buddharaju
Lynn Elwailly
Andrea Hernandez
Amy Lam
Julia Leeso​n
Surya Morse
Dustin Tao
Athena Zepeda


The WGMS mathematics program progresses from higher elementary mathematics through Pre-Algebra to Geometry.  The curriculum encompasses conceptual understanding and practical applications. The use of hands-on activities, calculators and computers add variety and enjoyment to the mathematics classroom.  The adopted curriculum aligns with Common Core and the Smarter Balance state test. 

En Español

Math Acceleration
Math 6
Students study addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers, positive fractions, and positive decimals. Instruction is also given in ratios, proportions, percentages, probability, logic and statistics. Through a variety of activities, students are also exposed to estimating, measurement, geometry and graphing. This course is aligned with the California Common Core State standards.

Accelerated Math 6
The Accelerated math 6 course combines all content from Math 6, Math 7 and part of Math 8 into a single year at 6th grade.  This rigorous course prepares students to take Algebra in 7th grade and is the pathway to 8th grade high school Geometry.  This course is aligned with the California Common Core State Standards. Placement is offered to students who “exceed standard"in SJUSD assessment state tests and demonstrate a firm grasp of the higher math concepts.

Math 7
This course reinforces mathematical skills taught in the grade six classes with additional advanced computation including an emphasis on Algebraic concepts. Students study fractions, decimals, percents, positive and negative integers and rational numbers. They become more proficient in using ratios, proportions and solving algebraic equations. Students continue to practice using math skills to solve word problems and to think creatively and analytically. This course is aligned with the California Common Core State Standards.

Accelerated Math 7
The Accelerated Math 7 course combines all Math 7 content and about half of the Math 8 content into a single year at 7th grade.  This rigorous course prepares students to take Algebra in 8th grade. This course is aligned with the California Common Core State Standards.

Algebra MS
Through the study of Algebra, students develop an understanding of the symbolic language of mathematics and the sciences. In addition, algebraic skills and concepts are developed and used in a wide variety of problem-solving situations. The first course in Algebra involves understanding, writing, solving, and graphing linear and quadratic equations, including systems of two linear equations in two unknowns. Students will also become comfortable with operations involving monomial and polynomial expressions, functions, relations and the basic rules of exponents. The grade received in this class appears on the students’ High School transcripts.

The geometry skills and concepts developed in this course are useful to all students. Aside from learning these skills and concepts, students will develop their ability to construct formal, logical arguments and proofs in geometric settings and problems. Starting with undefined terms and axioms, students learn to establish the validity of other assertions through logical deduction. This course’s emphasis is plane or Euclidean geometry, however coordinated and three-dimensional geometry are also explored. In this course, students begin to see how algebraic concepts add a new dimension to the understanding of geometry and conversely, how Geometry gives substance to Algebra.

Math Instructors

Below is a list of WGMS Math teachers.  Also, click on STAFF to learn more about our teachers and the classes they teach.

Jennifer Buddharaju
Lynn Elwailly
Andrea Hernandez
Amy Lam
Julia Leeso​n
Surya Morse
Dustin Tao
Athena Zepeda

Educación Física - PE

El programa de Educación Física de la Escuela Secundaria Willow Glen trata de reconocer las diferencias en potencial físico y las limitaciones de cada estudiante. Las mejoras y el esfuerzo se recompensan y se cultiva el valor de la buena condición física. Todos los grados participan en una amplia selección de deportes.  La natación es parte del programa de Educación Física para todos los estudiantes de la Escuela Secundaria Willow Glen y los estudiantes tienen que aprobar un examen de seguridad en natación. La salud es uno de los componentes del programa de Educación Física del 8º grado.

Maestros de Educación Físic

En la parte inferior encontrarán una lista de los maestros de Educación Física de la Escuela Secundaria Willow Glen. También pueden hacer clic en Teacher Web Pages para saber más acerca de nuestros maestros y de las clases que enseñan.

Anne Cannon
Joanna Dyzio
Eric Grey
Kim Lawson
Aaron Lewis
Cliff Pappadakis
BK Robertson

Physical Education - PE

The WGMS physical education program attempts to recognize the differences in each individual student’s physical potential and limitations. Improvement and effort are rewarded and a value for fitness is nurtured. All grades participate in a wide array of sports. Swimming for example, is part of the physical education program for all WGMS students, and all students must pass a swimming safety test. Health is a component of the 8th grade physical education curriculum.

En Español

P.E. Instructors

Below is a list of WGMS P.E. teachers.  Also, click on STAFF to learn more about our teachers and the classes they teach.

Anne Cannon
Tara Depue
Sarah Duarte
Eric Grey
Abe Holguin
Kim Lawson
Aaron Lewis
Christine Riley
BK Robertson



En la Escuela Secundaria Willow Glen, los alumnos del 6º grado participan en Ciencia de la Tierra mientras que los de 7º y 8º grado se concentran en Ciencia de la Vida y Ciencia Física, respectivamente. En todos los grados se pone el énfasis en el aprendizaje por experimentos y prácticas.  Además tenemos como clase optativa una opción de Ciencia Exploratoria enfocada en la Energía Solar.

Ciencias de la Tierra para 6º Grado

El programa de estudios de Ciencia en el 6º grado efatiza el estudio de las Ciencias de la Tierra. Las normas en 6º grado presentan muchas de las bases de Geología y de la Geofísica, que incluyen las placas tectónicas y la estructura de la Tierra, Topografía y Energía. El material está enlazado a la administración de recursos y a la Ecología, complementando lo que los estudiantes han aprendido en grados previos.  A menos que los estudiantes tomen una clase de Ciencias de la Tierra en la preparatoria, lo que aprenden en 6º grado será la base de sus conocimientos de Ciencias de la Tierra. Los estudiantes toman el año entero de Ciencias de la Tierra para 6º grado.

Maestros de Educación Física

En la parte inferior encontrarán una lista de los maestros de Educación Física de la Escuela Secundaria Willow Glen. También pueden hacer clic en Teacher Web Pages para saber más acerca de nuestros maestros y de las clases que enseñan.

Bobbe Maxey
Samta Nema
David Pratt
Maryam Raymond
Karen Schmidt
Rachel Tenbrock
Roseanne Weir
Glenda Yap


At Willow Glen Middle School, throughout all grades, the emphasis is on experiential, hands-on learning, and instruction is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

The Three Dimensions of Science Learning

Within the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), there are three distinct and equally important dimensions to learning science. These dimensions are combined to form each standard—or performance expectation—and each dimension works with the other two to help students build a cohesive understanding of science over time. http://www.nextgenscience.org/

PLTW Biomed

In this semester elective course, students explore concepts of human physiology, forensics, DNA and crime scene investigation. This course is available to 7th & 8th graders only.

PTLW Engineering

Through problems that engage and challenge, students explore a broad range of engineering topics, including mechanisms, the strength of structures and materials, and automation.  students develop skills in problem solving, research, and design while learning strategies for design process documentation, collaboration, and presentation. This course is a semester long elective course available to only 7th & 8th graders.

Science Instructors

Below is a list of WGMS Science teachers, click on their name and you will be directed to their websites. 

Shanon Grannis
Matthew Gonzalez
Ron Hamby
Melinda Hoppe
Ksenia Peabody 7th Grade & 8th Grade
Maryam Raymond
Shannon Riddell
Glenda Yap

Social Studies

The Social Studies program at WGMS is a broad, standards-based examination of the human condition from the earliest world civilizations to modern societies. Focus emphasizes particular times and areas of the world. Various research and study skills are reinforced throughout the program and align to the newly-adopted state instructional framework for social studies. 

6th Grade Social Studies - Ancient Civilizations

The 6th grade curriculum covers Ancient Civilizations.  Students explore the elements of society and culture and the conflicts which have influenced the development of mankind and the first societies.  In particular, students focus on: Early Man, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Kush, India, China, Israel, Greece, and Rome before AD 200 approximately.

7th Grade Social Studies - World History

7th grade Social Studies curriculum covers the study of geography, culture and religion in late antiquity through the medieval world.  Following the Middle Ages, students will study the fall of Rome, the spread of Islam, Medieval Africa, China, Japan, MesoAmerica and Europe.  When studying Europe, classes focus on life, religion and politics after the fall of Rome through the Renaissance and Age of Exploration.  The curriculum is based on the Content Standards adopted by the California State Content Standards. The class text is Discovering Our Past: Medieval and Early Modern Times, by Jackson J. Spielvogel, Ph.D., published by Glencoe/McGraw Hill.

8th Grade Social Studies - American History

8th Grade Social Studies has a curriculum that explores the birth and development of America with a focus on the geography, economy, government, military, foreign affairs and people who contributed to creating a new nation. The class begins with pre-colonial America and then to the U.S. Constitution and the events that shaped a young United States. Westward expansion is the next theme, and students will review the effect it had on Native Americans, the land as well as other nations. Classes will examine and analyze the causes and events that resulted in the Civil War and the Reconstruction period.  Additionally, students will examine and analyze the social, economic and technological factors that resulted in America’s industrialization. The final focus will be the major concepts of democracy. The curriculum is based on Content Standards adopted by the California State Board of Education. 

Social Studies Instructors

Below is a list of WGMS Social Studies teachers.  Also, click on the STAFF link to find the teacher’s website to learn more about our teachers and the classes they teach.

Gorette Cardoso
Carolina De La Fuente
Cheryl Elafifi
Nathan Foust
Judy Hansen
Colleen Lemon
Kari Nunez
Rodrigo Pereda
Lori Romano
Shannon Scaletta
Kathy Scrivani
Miranda Sorchini
Elizabeth Stitt
Aidan Sundstrom


Specialized Programs

Special Education

We have 3 Full Time Resource Specialists (RSP Teachers), 2 Full Time Special Day Class Teachers ( SDC Teachers), and 1 Full Time Severely Handicapped Teacher (SH Teacher). In addition, all teachers have the support of 1 or more Instructional Associates (Paraeducators). Students who qualify for Special Education are offered Services, Accommodations, class placement in accordance to their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Most students are mainstreamed in the General Education setting for the maximum number of periods each day in accordance to their abilities. 

Students with Disabilities

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), is a four-part piece of American Legislation that ensures students with a disability are provided with Free & Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) that is tailored to their needs. Upon Notice of Assessment or Reassessment, Teachers and applicable Service Providers from the Special Education Department assess the student in order to determine eligibility.


Students at Willow Glen Middle School are tested yearly in various subjects using the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress interface (CAASPP). Most state standardized tests take place in the spring and are aligned to the California Common Core State Standards. Math and ELA tests are administered to all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Additionally, 8th graders take the California Science Test.

During testing, it’s important for students to arrive to school on-time and well rested. Practice tests can be found at the following LINK. (Log in as a guest)