The RAM Way: Respect All, Achieve Your Best, Make Responsible Choices

In an effort to promote positive behavior and a healthy school climate at Willow Glen Middle, we have established clear rules for behavior for everyone, students and staff alike.  Our behavior expectations are “THE RAM WAY”: Respect All, Achieve your Best, and Make Responsible Choices.

All staff teach and reteach the RAM Way behavior expectations to all students, give them many opportunities to practice, monitor their progress, and recognize and reward students frequently for exhibiting the right behaviors.  We work to promote a positive environment where staff redirect negative behaviors and look to “catch” students exhibiting great behaviors. 

We’ve posted the RAM Way behaviors all around campus for quick visual reminders.  You should be able to ask our students, “What does it mean to Respect All in the Classroom?” or “What does Make Responsible Choices mean in the Gym or Locker Rooms?” and get a knowledgeable answer.

By defining and teaching expected behaviors, and teaching them to ALL students in a positive way, we are working provide a positive climate and common language for everyone in our building including students, teachers, front office staff and our paraprofessionals.  We believe that by helping students practice good behavior, we will build a community where all students have an environment where they can succeed and grow.

Click here to view and download The RAM Way behavior expectations.

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