Message from Paul Slayton, Principal

Hello parents and students of Willow Glen Middle School.

I greet you with great excitement for the 2018-19 school year!

I’m privileged to be entering year four as the Principal at Willow Glen Middle School, and as a San Jose Unified employee and parent I believe in what we do!  We respond to the needs of the students you entrust to us, whether they need a chance to accelerate or a need to review the basics. Our teachers know that at the middle school level there are two curricula: the academic and the socio-emotional. The one in the driver’s seat for your child can change from day to day (sometimes from period to period!) To a person, the staff here work daily so that Willow Glen Middle can be a place where young people know they are safe, cared for, and can safely learn.

Our hope for the young people here is that they can honestly explore the opportunities available to them as young adults.  We hope they’ll have the knowledge base to be bold in what they want to do for a living, and the emotional intelligence to do it well and with compassion.  Thanks for the chance to say a quick hello, and keep in touch if there’s something we need to know!

Go Rams.

Paul Slayton