School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

Informes Escolares de Rendición de Cuentas (SARC)

Single Plan for Student Achievement

Each school in San José Unified annually develops a Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA). This plan includes the academic goals the school will be working on during the year and shows how the school will be using the funds allocated to the site.

The SPSA is written with the help of the School Site Council, which then approves the final document and forwards it to the Board of Education for their approval.

Click here to review Willow Glen Middle SPSA

Bell Schedule

2018-19 Bells
spanish bells 2018-19

minimum day 2018-19



To report an absence, call the Attendance Hotline at 408-265-1412.

Dear Parents/Guardian, At Willow Glen Middle, we want all students to be successful. We believe that regular, punctual attendance is critical to school success. Please take a moment to read the Parent/Guardian Responsibilities and familiarize yourself with the district’s School Absence Policies to avoid misunderstandings regarding attendance. If you have questions, please contact Lindsey Beall at 408-535-6277 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:

• Talk to your student about the importance of arriving on time to every class, daily.Attendance is taken in every class, every day and entered into the Infinite Campus computer system by 3:30 p.m. each day. If your child has been absent from a class, an automated phonecall is generated at the end of the school day.
• Make sure you have a copy of the school’s bell schedule and your student’s schedule
• Monitor attendance on line by using the Parent Portal and getting your parent login number (see school registrar for access). An absence is labeled “A” and a tardy arrival to class is labeled “T”. Keep track of how many classes your student has missed as these quickly add up.
• Ensure that your student goes to bed and gets up at a reasonable time.
• Ensure that your student has a safe and reliable way to get to school on time. Underage siblings should not be held responsible for another student’s timely arrival at school.
• Ensure that you excuse every absence with a note, fax or message via web site within 5 days of an absence. If you send a note, please CHECK that your child has turned it in to the attendance office.
• You must have a valid ID when you pick up your student. We will not release a child to anyone who is not listed on the child’s emergency form.
• Check that your student is wearing a school uniform or you may have to bring in a uniform while they miss class time.
• According to state law, we are not permitted to excuse students who are kept away from school for baby-sitting, or other work or non-school related activities.
• School appropriate clothing guidelines are in the district handbook and student planner.

School Absence Policies:

To report an absence, call the Attendance Hotline at 408-265-1412. All absences must be explained or verified by the parent/guardian, or a medical or professional person via letter, note, or fax within 5 days of the first day of absence. We do not excuse an absence after the 5-day period.
If your student is enrolled in class at the high school (dual enrollment) the parent/guardian must report the absence to the high school as well as the middle school.
• Absences for 3 or more consecutive days require a doctor or health care provider’s note.
• When a student needs to leave school during the school day for any reason, he or she MUST BE CHECKED OUT BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN at the attendance office window.
• Parent/Guardian MUST SHOW VALID PROOF OF IDENTITY to check out a student (The person must be named on the student’s Emergency Form)
• If there is a disagreement about an absence, the burden of proof is on the student and not on the school. The student needs to prove that he or she was present (show evidence in the form of class notes or a quiz done in that class on that date.)
• Excusing a student when they arrive late to school or miss classes must be based on a verifiable illness, a medical or professional visit. Proof of documentation is required.
• A student who leaves the campus, without a valid medical reason or prior permission is not excused. A parent/guardian cannot excuse them after the event.
• A student who checks out for a medical/dental appointment must show proof of the appointment within 5 days to validate the absence.
• “Out of Town” and “Family Emergency” are unexcused absences (except in very extreme circumstances which must be verified by documentation).
• Absences due to bereavement are excused up to 3 days, or 5 days for out of town travel.
• Waking up late, car trouble, stuck in traffic are not excused absences.

Absence due to medical issues:

• Students who are really sick, who have an infectious or contagious disease or condition, should stay home. If they miss 3 or more consecutive days of school they must bring a medical note.
• A student should not call or text someone and request to be picked up before being evaluated by the medical staff. If a student leaves the campus without check in in to the Health Office or the Attendance Office first, this will be marked as an unexcused absence.

Unexcused Absences—Truancy and the Consequences

According to California Educational Code, Compulsory attendance is the law in California from age 6 to 18. (Education Code Section 482600) A student who has three unexcused absences or three tardies or absences of more than 30 minutes, or any combination thereof, without valid
excuse is considered legally truant. A student who has six unexcused absences or six tardies or absences of more than 30 minutes, or any combination thereof, is considered habitually truant and may be referred to the district attorney’s office for legal action. (Education Code Section
48262) The parent is obligated to compel the attendance of the student at school. Parents who fail to meet this obligation may be subject to prosecution. (Education Code Section 48260.5)

Declarations of Truancy:

• When a student does not attend a single class without a valid excuse, he/she is marked absent. If the absence is not excused within 5 days, it is treated as an “incident” of truancy.
• After 3 incidents (unexcused absences) a student is declared a truant.
• Warning letters are sent out after the 3rd incident of unexcused absences, then after the 5th incident of truancy.
• A student is declared a “habitual” truant at the 5th unexcused absence.

Consequences of Cut Classes and Truancy:

School Level Consequences:

• After three incidents of unexcused absence, the student will be assigned to Saturday School
• In some circumstances, this may be changed to a non-campus or after school detention or school-based community service work
• Saturday School or detention activities may include any of the following: academic work, discussions, campus and classroom clean up, physical activity (walking around the track).
• There may be an intervention meeting with the district attendance liaison and/or school administrator.
• Failure to attend Saturday School or the alternative will result in loss of eligibility for school events, sport or performance participation.
• When a student has missed the equivalent of 10% of school classes, s/he may be placed on the school’s 10% list. When this occurs, the student must provide a doctor/health provider’s note for every subsequent absence. (The school checks this 9 weeks into the semester. To be
removed from the 10% list, s/he must attend school for 90% of the time for the next 9 weeks.)

District Level Consequences:

• District Attorney Mediation meeting held at the San Jose Unified District office.
• Site Attendance Review Board (SARB) meeting
Please note: Student’s school attendance record and school consequences are NOT wiped clean by attending mediation. If truancy persists, legal consequences restart and the student may still face prosecution.

Court System Level Consequences:

Misdemeanor charges for parents for children under 13.
Juvenile prosecution for students 13-18 years of age, which include:
• $365 court fine
• Court imposed community service (minimum of 48 hours)
• Suspension/denial of driver’s license and work permit (minimum of one year, even if not driving at the time. The DMV will hold the license until the application process is initiated)
• Court review hearing follow-up, at the court’s discretion.

Prolonged Non-Attendance

If a student is absent from school for 10 consecutive days, without contact the school, every effort will be made to contact the student’s parents or guardian to verify student enrollment. A phone call and home visit will be made. However, if the student does not return to school during the next 5 days, reaching a total of 15 school days of absence, s/he will be dropped from the school.

If a Student Needs to Be Absent for 5-to-15 Days- Independent Studies

• If a student needs to be away from school for 5 to 15 days, he/she must request an Independent Study Packet from the attendance office.
• The office will need at least 10 days notice prior to the student’s departure to prepare this.
• Students should receive work from their teachers to complete during the absence.
• Completed schoolwork must be checked when the student returns.
• The whole packet should then be returned to the attendance office for evaluation
and to clear the absences, failure to do so will result in unexcused absences.

Sample Absence Reporting Note (must be turned in within 5 days of absence)

To: The Attendance Staff
My son/daughter (give full name)___________________________________________________
(Write student ID#) ___________________ (Give grade level)
Was absent from school (give dates) ________________________________________________
(Explain reason for absence) ______________________________________________________
Parent/guardian’s name (printed) & contact number ____________________________________
Parent/guardian’s signature _______________________________________________________

Tardiness and the Consequences

Teachers take attendance during each period, every day. Students who are late to class are
marked tardy. When a student is tardy 3 times in one week, the student is assigned Friday School
at the end of the week from 3:10 p.m. to 5:00 pm as a consequence. If a student fails to show for
Friday School, the student may be assigned Saturday School from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Saturday School may also be assigned if a student has Friday School 3 times in one month. A
student who fails to show up for Saturday School will face additional consequences that may
include suspension from school.

Frequently Asked Questions From Parents

Q. I picked up my child at school because she called/texted me that she was sick, why was this unexcused?
A. Students who leave campus ill without health office verification and approval will receive an unexcused absence.
Q. My child is enrolled at the middle school but has a class at the high school. Why did I receive a truancy letter if I provided a doctor’s note for the days my child’s was out sick?
A. If your middle school child is enrolled in class at the high school, the parent/guardian must report absences to both the middle school and the high school attendance offices to avoid an unexcused absence. The schools keep separate attendance records.
Q. My son had a dentist appointment and I forgot to get verification but wrote a note myself, why was this unexcused?
A. If a student checks out for a medical appointment, they must return with proof of appointment in order to validate the absence, If verification is not provided within 5 days, the absence will not be excused.
Q. My daughter had the flu, I wasn’t going to take her to the doctor when all they were going to tell me was to keep her home and make sure she got plenty of rest and fluids, why was this not excused?
A. Students who are absent for 3 or more consecutive days require a doctors note, if you are unable to take your child to a doctor they can see a school nurse or health aid at any San Jose Unified School for assessment. A medical note is still required.
Q. We went out of town and I talked to all of my son’s teachers, why was this not excused?
A. Out of town is an unexcused absence. If you are planning on going out of town for an extended period of time, you may qualify for a short-term independent study. Please see the attendance office at least 2 weeks in advance for this accommodation.
Q. Why has my daughter been given Saturday School? She’s a good student. She has really good grades. I don’t want her doing Saturday School.
A. A student may receive Saturday School if he/she is tardy to class 9 times (or more) in one month, has 3 or more “incidents” of unexcused absences, or fails to attend Friday School. Good grades do not change the attendance record. If she does not attend the assigned Saturday School,
there will be other consequences. Errors in attendance reporting must be cleared up as soon as possible.
Q. Can my sister pick up my son from school for his appointment?
A. Someone has to be on our emergency list before we allow him/her to pick up a student. If you signed up that person on your emergency form at the beginning of the school year, then we can release your child to him or her in the event of an emergency. Don’t forget, we always need to see identification before we let your child leave with someone.

Friday School 3:15PM - 5:00PM


Contact Us

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Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8AM to 3:30PM

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Lindsey Beall- Assistant Principal Discipline/7th Grade Advisor .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
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Message from Paul Slayton, Principal

Hello parents and students of Willow Glen Middle School.

I greet you with great excitement for the 2018-19 school year!

I’m privileged to be entering year four as the Principal at Willow Glen Middle School, and as a San Jose Unified employee and parent I believe in what we do!  We respond to the needs of the students you entrust to us, whether they need a chance to accelerate or a need to review the basics. Our teachers know that at the middle school level there are two curricula: the academic and the socio-emotional. The one in the driver’s seat for your child can change from day to day (sometimes from period to period!) To a person, the staff here work daily so that Willow Glen Middle can be a place where young people know they are safe, cared for, and can safely learn.

Our hope for the young people here is that they can honestly explore the opportunities available to them as young adults.  We hope they’ll have the knowledge base to be bold in what they want to do for a living, and the emotional intelligence to do it well and with compassion.  Thanks for the chance to say a quick hello, and keep in touch if there’s something we need to know!

Go Rams.

Paul Slayton

Incoming 6th Grade Information

Willow Glen Middle Recruiting Information<

For the 2017-18 School Year

17-18 Recruit

English Recruitment information


Parent Information Night Wednesday, January 25th, 2017 6:00 p..m. - 7:00 p.m.
School Tour Wednesday, January 25th, 2017 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Education Links for Students

Homework Help

Ask Kids - Schoolhouse - interactive site to help kids with homework questions
Class Zone- online resource to find state math, language arts, social studies, science and world language textbooks.
Kids Click - great reference page for all subjects.
Pics4Learning - copyright-friendly image library for teachers and students; collection consists of thousands of images that have been donated by students, teachers and amateur photographers. Unlike many Internet sites, permission has been granted for teachers and students to use all of the images donated to the Pics4Learning collection.

Language Arts

America’s Story from America’s Library - The Library of Congress’ page about our American past; great source for biographies.
Writing Fix - interactive prompts, lessons, and resources designed for teachers, students, and lifelong writers


Create a Graph - interactive site which allows you to create various types of graphs.
Gallery of Interactive Geometry - interactive Geometry site
Math Counts - mission to increase enthusiasm for and enhance achievement in middle school mathematics throughout the U.S.
Purple Math - helping students gain understanding and self-confidence in Algebra


Ames Laboratory 
Argon National Laboratory
Astronomy for Kids - astronomy including fun animation of the solar system
Bill Nye the Science Guy - check out the Science Guy’s online lab.
Brookhaven National Laboratory
California Living Museum - California native animals
Cells Alive - interactive cells, animations, definitions
Discovery Kids - Discovery Kids explores volcanoes including Pompeii
Energy Information Administration - official energy statistics from the U.S. Government
Glencoe McGraw Hill Textbook - Glencoe textbook site with extra activities, games, and information to explore for each chapter of your book - web portal to information about Federal government activities related to hydrogen and fuel cells
International Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy - international institution to accelerate the transition to a hydrogen economy.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Los Alamos National Laboratory
National Energy Technology Laboratory
National Geographic for Kids
National Weather Service - track weather conditions across the country.
U.S. Dept. of Energy Hydrogen Program
U.S. Fuel Cell Council - industry association dedicated to fostering the commercialization of fuel cells in the U.S.
Volcano World - fun and games exploring volcanoes

Social Studies

50 - this is a good website for finding basic information about each of the 50 states.
Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government - Ben Franklin guides K-12 students through all kinds of cool facts about our government.
Glencoe Social Studies - 7th grade Social Studies textbook support
Library of Congress - great website for American History
Smithsonian - America’s “attic” consists of 19 museums.  The online site includes a wide array of all things American.

Band / Choir

Freeplay Music - highest quality broadcast production music library; free Mp3 music download

Computer Technology

Bot Ball - the Botball Educational Robotics Program engages middle and high school aged students in a team-oriented robotics competition based on National Science Education Standards.
First Lego League - FIRST LEGO League (FLL) is a global program created to get kids excited about science and technology. Geared for ages 9-14 (up to 16 outside of the U.S. and Canada), FLL utilizes theme-based Challenges to engage kids in research, problem solving, and engineering.
Garage Band Support - getting started support for users of Garage Band
iLife Apple Support - support for users of the Apple iLife applications (Garage Band, iMoves, iPhotos, etc.)
iWork - support for users of Apple spreadsheet application iWork
Keynote Support - support for users of Apple presentation application Keynote
Mouse Squad - students who work on the MOUSE Squad are called technicians and they are responsible for fixing, taking care of, and supporting all of the computer-related needs in their schools. This site is a members-only website for students and teachers participating in MOUSE’s student-led student technical support program.
Pages support - support for users of the Apple word processing application Pages.
Tech Brick - Resource for Robotics teams


Buen Viaje - Spanish textbook support
McDougal Littell Texbook - Spanish textbook support

Debbie Bishop,
Library Media Center Technician
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  or 408-535-6277 ext. 55241

Library Hours
Monday 8:40AM - 4:15PM
Tuesday - Thursday 7:30AM - 4:15PM
Friday 7:30AM - 3:00PM

Library Media Center


The Willow Glen Middle School Media Center is a hub of creativity, inspiration, and information!

The Media Center provides a comfortable place for students to access and create media. WiFi is always available and we have 34 computers that support all daily academic activities.  Media Center staff assists students in locating books, checking grades, conducting research, writing essays, and printing assignments.

Students are allowed to check out two books at a time. The books are due back in the Library in two weeks with the option to renew as often as they like, with the exception of requested books. Our library has over 5,500 books, eBooks, DVDs, and curriculum support materials available to students. WGMS is continuously working to update and add books.

GALE Databases

SJUSD also provides ‘GALE Student Resources” for your student’s research needs. It’s an age appropriate search engine with a wealth of information. From outside your school network, GALE databases can be accessed using ‘SanJoseUSD’ for the password.

Gale Student Resources In Context reference database of magazines, journals, news articles, primary source documents, images, videos, audio files and websites.
Gale PowerSearch advanced tool for searching content from Student Resources In Context.

Online Destiny Catalog

The Media Center collection is searchable online through the Destiny Library Management System. Every student and faculty member is provided a personal library account.

Visit the San Jose Public Library website to search their online catalog and learn more about what they have to offer. One of their services is real-time, online, live tutoring assistance from 2:00PM to Midnight.


We have a list of desired items! If you would like to donate gently used books or purchase new books for our Media Center, please contact us. Thank you for thinking of our students and helping to make the Media Center a valuable resource.

Education Links for Parents


Instructional Calendar

National Association for Gifted Children

Parent Student Portal

Parent/Student Handbook

Manual de Padres y Estudiantes

Parenting Teens Online

School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

Informes Escolares de Rendición de Cuentas (SARC)

Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)

School Lunch Program

SJUSD Enrollment Process

SJUSD Family Engagement

SJUSD Student Resources

SJUSD Transportation Information


Reglas y Políticas

Notificación de ausencias:

En caso de ausencia, un estudiante deberá pedirle a su papá, mamá o tutor que llame a la Línea de Ausencias el mismo día que él/ella esté ausente. Si no se le notifica a la escuela dentro de un período de (5) días después de la ausencia, la ausencia será registrada en el sistema como una ausencia sin justificación. Si usted llama para informar sobre la ausencia de su hijo(a), por favor llame directamente a la Línea de Ausencias al: 265-1412.

Normas a seguir para llevarse a un estudiante de la escuela (Citas de estudiantes)

Las citas para los estudiantes se deben programar para llevarse a cabo antes o después de clases siempre que sea posible y de esa forma evitar interrumpir el proceso educativo.  Si no tiene otra alternativa y la cita se debe programar durante el horario escolar, por favor tome en cuenta los procedimientos siguientes:
1) Enviar una nota a la escuela pidiendo permiso para que su estudiante salga de la escuela y la hora específica, así como también la fecha y la razón. La nota debe entregarse a la Oficina de Asistencia antes del primer período de clase.
2) Solamente los adultos que aparecen en el formulario de emergencia del estudiante tendrán derecho a firmar la salida temprana del estudiante de la escuela.
3) Los adultos deberán presentarse en la Oficina de Asistencia para firmar la entrada y la salida del estudiante.
4) Es posible que la escuela requiera una verificación si la ausencia se trata de una cita.

Aparatos electrónicos:

Los Ipods no se permiten en la escuela. Los teléfonos celulares se permiten en la escuela, pero deben estar APAGADOS durante todo el día escolar (antes de la escuela mientras los estudiantes estén en el plantel escolar, en clase, entre periodos de clase y durante el almuerzo, etc).

Artículos perdidos y encontrados:

Los artículos que se pierden en la escuela y que son encontrados permanecerán en la oficina principal atrás del mostrador de la oficina principal. Si usted necesita recoger un artículo perdido, por favor pase a nuestra escuela entre las 7:30am y las 4:00 pm.

Dejar a los estudiantes en la escuela por la mañana y recogerlos por la tarde

Los estudiantes deben llegar al plantel escolar no antes de las 7:15 a.m.  El timbre de entrada suena a las 7:25 a.m. y las clases empiezan diariamente a las 7:28 a.m.  A partir del ciclo escolar 2010–11, los lunes no habrá clases del 7º periodo y todos los estudiantes saldrán de la escuela al terminar su 6º periodo de clases a las 2:07 p.m.  De martes a viernes, los estudiantes que no tengan una clase del 7º periodo saldrán a las 2:07 p.m. y esos mismos días, los estudiantes con un 7º periodo saldrán a las 3:10 p.m.

Se recomienda que los padres dejen y recojan a los estudiantes sobre la Cottle Road frente a la escuela. Además, contamos con un área diseñada para dejar a los estudiantes en el estacionamiento del personal docente y los padres pueden entrar por el lado del preescolar.


A los padres/tutores se les recomienda que se estacionen en los espacios disponibles en la Cottle Road frente a los edificios C y D. Contamos también con estacionamiento limitado disponible en el estacionamiento del personal y los padres pueden entrar por el lado del preescolar. También, varias de las calles del vecindario como la calle Madrona cuentan con estacionamiento disponible y las dos calles al sur de la calle Madrona también.


Los estudiantes deben estar en sus respectivos lugares de aprendizaje al momento que suene la campana. Todos los retardos se registran en el sistema electrónico de asistencia. Las consecuencias por los primeros tres retardos son asignadas por los maestros de acuerdo al Plan de Disciplina del Salón. El cuarto retardo y todos los retardos a partir de entonces darán como consecuencia un reporte de mala conducta. Los estudiantes deberán asistir a escuela de sábados si están ausentes por sexta ocasión.


Los estudiantes deben vestir el uniforme escolar básico para ir a la escuela, durante clases y después de clases excepto cuando estén participando en educación física.


Animamos a las personas para que visiten nuestra escuela y siempre son bienvenidos a la WGMS. Todo visitante deberá presentarse primero en la oficina principal para registrar su entrada y recoger un gafete de visitante.

Los voluntarios

Los voluntarios son siempre bienvenidos a la WGMS. Para poder ofrecer sus servicios como voluntario, es necesario comunicarse con la Sra. Lindsey Beall, Subdirectora de Actividades al 535-6277 o por correo electrónico a: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Respetar – Tomar buenas decisiones - Resolver problemas

Altercados y conflictos en la escuela
A los estudiantes no se les permite acercarse a otros estudiantes cuando estén teniendo un altercado o pelea, puesto que ellos no deben correr hacia el grupo de estudiantes o seguirlos si se trata de un altercado. Los estudiantes que no cumplan con esta expectativa recibirán un castigo.

Reglas del plantel escolar
A continuación le mostramos las reglas y expectativas para todas las personas en la WGMS. Toda regla del Distrito y de la escuela se hacen cumplir durante las actividades escolares dentro y fuera del plantel escolar.

1.  Actuar con integridad
¡Lo que haces cuando un adulto no te observa es tan importante como lo que haces cuando sí te está observando!
- Hablar y actuar en forma respetuosa, no usar lenguaje obsceno, no poner apodos, no menospreciar, insultar, silbar fuerte, burlarse o portarse mal en nuestro plantel escolar o en cualquier evento patrocinado por la escuela.
- Todos los estudiantes deben usar lenguaje corporal adecuado en todo momento-no se permite que los estudiantes usen posturas amenazantes, miradas con malicia, miradas fijas o miradas burlonas o humillantes etc.
- Los estudiantes no deben amenazar de ninguna manera a otros estudiantes o miembros del personal.
- Se prohíben los juegos de azar, pedir dinero prestado, comprar, vender o intercambiar cualquier artículo.

2. Respetar el espacio personal de los demás
  ¡Si no es tuyo, no lo toques!
- Ninguna persona tiene el derecho de tocar a otra persona o sus pertenencias. Esto incluye tocar la mochila bolsa o cartera de otra persona, ropa (bajarle los pantalones), empujar, aventar, patear, pegar, cachetear, besar, abrazar prolongadamente ni tocar de cualquier otra forma no deseada o inoportuna.
- Los administradores escolares están en su derecho de inspeccionar las mochilas, maletines, carteras, etc. en caso de que existan sospechas razonables de que hay artículos peligrosos, inapropiados o ilegales. Las marcas o escritura permanente no se permiten en el plantel escolar.
- Los estudiantes deben respetar el vecindario y la propiedad ajena.

3. Demostrar el orgullo escolar
- No tirar basura, aventar ni depositar alimentos sobre otras personas, escupir o masticar chicle mientras están en la escuela o en cualquier área escolar o durante cualquier actividad escolar.
- NO se permiten los alimentos o bebidas (con la excepción del agua) dentro de los salones o pasillos.
- A los maestros suplentes se les debe dar un trato especial. Si un estudiante recibe un reporte de mala conducta por parte de un maestro suplente, dicho estudiante deberá asistir automáticamente a la Escuela del Sábado.
- No se permite correr, andar en patineta, en bicicleta o en patines en el plantel escolar.
- No se permite estar bajo la lluvia, brincar en los charcos o lodo ni acercase al pasto cuando está mojado.
- Los estudiantes se deben mantener en las áreas consideradas como seguras y que son supervisadas.

Por favor notar:  Cualquier estudiante que cometa actos de mala conducta extrema tal y como aparecen en la lista del Manual de Información para Padres y Estudiantes del Distrito sufrirá aún más severas consecuencias que las mencionadas anteriormente y la posibilidad de suspensión inmediata sin tener que seguir ningún procedimiento de disciplina. El estudiante puede ser puesto bajo un contrato de comportamiento inmediatamente después de regresar a la escuela. Los estudiantes pueden perder el privilegio de participar en actividades escolares. Todos los reglamentos de comportamiento que aparecen en el Manual de Información para Estudiantes y Padres del Distrito Escolar Unificado de San José se seguirán al pie de la letra en la Escuela Secundaria Willow Glen. Los estudiantes son responsables de leer el Manual del Distrito.


Uniform Policy

Willow Glen Middle School adheres to the uniform policy outlined below and follows district policy for appearance/dress code found in the San Jose Unified School District Student Handbook. Uniforms are available at a variety of stores including, but not limited to, Target, Merry Mart, and Old Navy.  Uniforms are available at no-cost in the WGMS uniform closet.  Please contact Lindsey Beall at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), if you have any questions.

Please use this guide when shopping for your Willow Glen Middle School Uniform.

Students must wear the basic uniform to, from, and during school with the exception of PE class.  Please have your student in uniform the first day of school.

• No dominant or solid red, blue, maroon, or burgundy
• Hats and beanies are not allowed.

• White or green standard “school polo”.
• White or green button-down Oxford shirt

• Khaki (tan) or “Lewis Plaid”(#13288 at Merry Mart).
• Skirts must not be shorter than the fingertips of a student’s hands as they hang at her sides.

• Khaki (tan) pants or shorts
• Must be worn at the waistline, be size appropriate, and must not sag.
• Hem appropriately -use of pins, rubber bands, or staples is not allowed.
• Shorts must have a minimum of a 4” inseam.
• No sweatpants allowed (outside of PE).

• No dominant or solid red, blue, maroon, or burgundy
• No athletic or team apparel (i.e., Raiders, 49ers, Sharks). 
• Hoods must be down in classrooms and throughout the school day.

WGMS Logo Sweatshirts are allowed.

• No dominant or solid red, blue, maroon, or burgundy
• No red, blue, or burgundy shoe laces.
• Belts must not hang down below shirts.

• No dominant or solid red, blue, maroon, or burgundy
• No graffiti, team names, or inappropriate images.

• “School spirit” t-shirts that represent WGMS or WGHS clubs, activities, or sports can be worn on Fridays.
• Students must wear school uniform bottoms with their school spirit top.
• For school spirit themed dress up days, please refer to the student handbook for SJUSD dress code policy.
•    Sweatpants and pajamas are not allowed.

• Students who compete in athletic or extracurricular competitions (band, choir, club, etc.) are allowed to wear matching team tops on competition days.  Students must wear school uniform bottoms.
• After competition time (season), the team t-shirt/sweatshirt can be worn on Friday Spirit days.

Administration makes final determination as to whether clothing and/or accessories are in accordance with the school uniform policy. Uniforms are available at no-cost in the WGMS uniform closet.  Please contact Lindsey Beall at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), if you have any questions.

Physical Education Uniform

According to the California Ed Code a change of clothes is required for Physical Education class. WGMS adheres to these guidelines and expects our WGMS students to change into their Physical Education uniform every day they are in class. The WGMS PE uniform is only allowed to be worn during the PE class. School uniform items many NOT be worn during PE. If there is financial hardship, please contact Lindsey Beall at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), and we will provide the appropriate PE uniforms.

Follow the “Five S” = Shirt, Shorts, Shoes, Socks, Sweats:
If you fail to follow the PE uniform “Five S” guidelines, you will lose points and not be able to participate in class (See “Grading Policy”).

San Jose Unified or Willow Glen Middle School grey P.E. t-shirt with green or navy logo.
Acceptable - plain grey t-shirt.
NOT Acceptable - School polo, any non-grey t-shirt (including white undershirt) or any other t-shirt that violates the school dress code.

San Jose Unified/Willow Glen Middle School navy blue or forest green shorts. 
Acceptable - plain navy blue or forest green shorts.
NOT Acceptable - School uniform pants/shorts (khakis), plaid skirts or any non-navy blue or forest green color shorts that violates the school   dress code.

Athletic shoes for movement that are able to be tied (shoes w/shoelaces).
NOT Acceptable - Shoes w/out laces (slippers, VANS slip-ons, flats, dance shoes, sandals, boots, etc…or any other type of shoe deemed unsafe by the PE teacher.

Preferred - White or black athletic socks of any length.
NOT Acceptable - Colored socks that violate the school dress code or not wearing any socks.

San Jose Unified or Willow Glen Middle School grey PE crewneck sweatshirt or sweatpant with green or navy logo. Must wear PE shirt and shorts under sweats.
Acceptable - Plain grey crewneck sweatshirt and/or sweat pants.
NOT Acceptable - Any non-grey sweatshirt and/or sweat pants. The sweatshirt you wear to PE class is to be worn only to PE class. The sweatshirt you wear during the school day cannot be worn to PE class.

We have a PE uniform loaner program at WGMS. If a student forgets his/her PE uniform, the student may borrow a “loaner” PE uniform from their teacher 3 times per semester without consequence. The 4th time a student does not bring their PE uniform, he/she will be deemed a non-suit and will not be allowed to participate in class.  If there is financial hardship, please contact Lindsey Beall at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), and we will provide the appropriate PE uniforms.

Non-Suit Policy:
#1: Loaners*
#2: Loaners*
#3: Loaners*
#4, #5, #6: Non-suit; Phone call home; Earn 0 points for the day.
#7 and beyond: Non-suit; Phone call home; Earn 0 points for the day; Non-suit referral and student sent to OCS (On-Campus Suspension) for the period.

*Students who have not used their Loaners, but show to class as a non-suit will receive zero points for the day.



Reglas y Políticas

Rules and Policies

Absence Notification:

When absent, a student must have his/her parent or guardian call the Absence Hotline the same day he/she is absent. If the school has not been notified by the fifth (5th) day following the absence, the absence will be unexcused.  If you are calling in a child’s absence, please call the Absence Hotline directly: 408-265-1412. Click Here to get additional information about attendance.

Check Out Policy (Student Appointments):

Student appointments should be made before or after school whenever possible as to not interrupt the educational process.  If an appointment must be scheduled during the school day, please adhere to the process below:
1) Send a note requesting permission for the student to leave specifying time, date and reason.  The note must be presented to the Attendance Office prior to first period.
2) Only adults listed on the student’s emergency form may sign a student out of school early.
3) Adults must come in to the Attendance Office to sign their student in and out.
4) Verification of appointments may be required.

Electronics/WGMS Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones and electronics are to be off and in backpacks from 8:00AM - 3:00PM.

Lost and Found:

Lost and found items are kept at the Attendance Office.  To pick up lost items, visit our school between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm.

Morning Drop Off / Afternoon Pick-Up:

Students should not arrive on campus earlier than 7:00 AM. Tuesday through Friday the entry bell rings at 8:00AM and school starts at 8:05 AM. Mondays are late start days and students should not arrive on campus earlier than 8:00AM, the Monday’s entry bell rings at 9:05AM and school starts at 9:10.  All students are released at 3:00PM Monday through Friday and students should be off campus by 3:30PM unless they are enrolled in an after school activity.

It is recommended students be dropped off and picked up on Cottle Avenue, in front of the school.  Additionally, there is a drop off area by the staff parking lot, which can be accessed beside the preschool.


Parents / guardians are encouraged to park in the open spaces on Cottle Road in front of the C and D wings.  Limited parking is also available in the staff parking lot, which can be accessed beside the preschool.  Also, several of our neighboring streets have available parking such as Madrona and the two streets south of Madrona.


Students are required to be in their assigned learning places when the bell rings. All tardies are recorded in the electronic attendance system. Consequences for the first three tardies are assigned by classroom teachers in accordance with their Classroom Discipline Plan. The fourth tardy, and all tardies thereafter, will result in a behavior referral. Saturday School is assigned for the sixth tardy.


Students must wear the basic school uniform to, from and during school with the exception of P.E. class.  Click here for more details about WGMS’ Uniform Policy.


Visitors are encouraged and welcome at WGMS.  All visitors are required to check in at the main office to sign-in and pick up a visitor’s badge. After visit, visitors must checkout in main office.


Volunteers are warmly welcomed at WGMS. To volunteer, contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or Katharine Norton, Assistant Principal of Guidance at 408-535-6277 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
Please review the following processes and complete the appropriate forms.

RAM Way Behavior Expectations

Click below to view the Ram Way Behavior Expectations Matrix

The RAM Way are the expected behaviors we have of all students at Willow Glen Middle.  We actively teach what it means to behave appropriate to every WGMS student in multiple locations of our school (i.e. classrooms, hallways, eating areas, bathrooms, etc), and we give students multiple opportunities to practice the expected behaviors.  We have a series of positive reinforcers for students who behave the RAM Way, and a series of consequences for students who don’t meet our school’s behavior expectations.  Click here to learn more about our positive climate initiative.

Please note:  Any extreme disruptive behavior listed in the San Jose Unified Student & Parent Handbook will result in more severe consequences than listed above and the possibility of immediate suspension without consideration of other discipline procedures . The student may be put on a behavior contract immediately upon return to school. Students may also lose activity privileges.  All behavior guidelines from the SJUSD Student and Parent Handbook will be followed at Willow Glen Middle School.  It is the student’s responsibility to read the district handbook.

For a complete list of District Behavior and Discipline Policies, click here:
Student/Parent Handbook

Student Safety

Willow Glen Middle School has four Campus Supervisors who monitor the grounds, bathrooms and hallways before and after school, during passing periods and during lunch. Administrators are always visible throughout the day at all passing periods and lunchtime. A full-time police officer is present each day at school. Staff and students practice emergency drills on a regular basis and are prepared for all situations that may arise.

Before and After School Safety

Please review the following information from the San Jose Unified School District Student/Parent & Staff Information Handbook:

For the safety of students, parents are not to drop students off at school prior to 30 minutes before the start of school, unless the student is involved in a regular school activity or community program. Similarly, parents are to arrange to have their student picked up right after school, unless the student is involved in a regular school activity or community program or is staying at the request of school personnel: YMCA; Library; Academic Intervention; Detention; Athletics; Clubs; 7th period. It is the school’s responsibility to contact the parent when the school wishes to have the student remain after school. If your child is a bus rider, it is also the responsibility of the parent to make arrangements to meet the child at the designated bus drop off location at the designated time. It is unsafe for students to be left at school during unsupervised times and it is unfair to expect school office staff to supervise students on a regular basis. Parents who routinely fail to meet this responsibility will be notified by the school, notified in writing by the Student Services Department, and in the case of repeated occurrences, reported to the appropriate community agency. In case of emergency, all children should be encouraged to go directly to the school office at any time before or after school. The safety of all our students is of great importance to us.  Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.  If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate grade level advisor/assistant principal.

Safety Plan

Our school’s comprehensive safety plan was reviewed and updated August 2014.  The safety plan is reviewed with staff on an ongoing basis.  We revisit portions on the plan on a monthly basis at our staff meeting   Additionally, the safety plan was reviewed in its entirety with all staff August 2011.


Staff, parents and students developed our school’s student Uniform Policy and Discipline Plan. The information is provided to each parent at the beginning of each school year along with a copy of the district Behavior Handbook. School standards and expectations are included in each student’s Homework Planner. At the beginning of each semester, teachers also provide written expectations for students and parents through the format of a course syllabus (green sheet).  All students are expected to Cooperate, Achieve, be Respectful and be Responsible for a positive campus climate.


Rams Recycle

Help our school, help our community, and help our world by
throwing your trash in the garbage.

Please also recycle your plastic bottles - look for the
These are for plastic bottles only, not trash!

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!


Parent Portal

Our parent portal is self-serve.  Please use the following instructions:
Parent Portal First Time login
Cómo entrar al Portal de Padres por primera vez
Resetting Parent Portal Password
Cómo restablecer su contraseña del Portal de Padres

Questions? Go to

Log onto Parent Portal here:  Campus Parent Portal Access



Lunch Information

Students have 34 minutes to eat lunch every day.  There is an area set up inside and outside the cafeteria where students may eat lunch.


Lunch Hours

Lunches are 34 minutes.
Monday schedule has lunch time at 11:43 AM to 12:17 PM
Tuesday through Friday lunch time is at 12:20 PM to 12:54 PM

Meal Options

In addition to bringing their own lunch from home, students may also purchase lunch in these three areas:
- Cafeteria (pre-payment program)
- Student Store (cash only)

Click here to see the SJUSD lunch policies and information: Food Services

Cafeteria Pre-payment Program

You may pre-pay your child’s meal account for food purchased in the Cafeteria.  Click here to access the Prepayment website:
Once an account has been established, you can add money to your student’s account by going to
Lunch Program

Adult Supervision

All Administrators and Campus Supervisors walk around campus during the entire lunch period to ensure campus safety.

Parent Volunteers Needed

If you are interested, please check out the volunteer website or contact Ms. Norton at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

The RAM Way: Respect All, Achieve Your Best, Make Responsible Choices

In an effort to promote positive behavior and a healthy school climate at Willow Glen Middle, we have established clear rules for behavior for everyone, students and staff alike.  Our behavior expectations are “THE RAM WAY”: Respect All, Achieve your Best, and Make Responsible Choices.

All staff teach and reteach the RAM Way behavior expectations to all students, give them many opportunities to practice, monitor their progress, and recognize and reward students frequently for exhibiting the right behaviors.  We work to promote a positive environment where staff redirect negative behaviors and look to “catch” students exhibiting great behaviors. 

We’ve posted the RAM Way behaviors all around campus for quick visual reminders.  You should be able to ask our students, “What does it mean to Respect All in the Classroom?” or “What does Make Responsible Choices mean in the Gym or Locker Rooms?” and get a knowledgeable answer.

By defining and teaching expected behaviors, and teaching them to ALL students in a positive way, we are working provide a positive climate and common language for everyone in our building including students, teachers, front office staff and our paraprofessionals.  We believe that by helping students practice good behavior, we will build a community where all students have an environment where they can succeed and grow.

Click here to view and download The RAM Way behavior expectations.

Click here to learn more about Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS).

Hechos de La Escuela


La visión de la Escuela Secundaria Willow Glen se enfoca en proporcionarles a los estudiantes un ambiente seguro y formativo donde todos lucharán por ser estudiantes autodirigidos, miembros responsables de nuestra comunidad y por alcanzar destrezas académicas a nivel de grado o superiores. Nuestra escuela, padres de familia y la comunidad trabajarán en equipo para que todos se sientan incluidos, valorados y parte de la visión de nuestra escuela.


La Escuela Secundaria Willow Glen es mejor cuando:
*Todos los estudiantes sienten que son parte de nuestra escuela
*Todos los estudiantes alcanzan su máximo potencial
*Desarrollamos nuestras habilidades para el uso de la tecnología
*Reconocemos los puntos fuertes de cada uno
*Nuestra comunidad nos apoya
*Trabajamos en equipo
*Nos divertimos

Nuestra escuela era conocida anteriormente como Escuela Secundaria Edwin Markham

La Escuela Secundaria Willow Glen fue construida en 1950 y nombrada Escuela Secundaria Edwin Markham en honor al poeta famoso Edwin Markham (1852-1940). El Sr. Markham dio clases de literatura en el Condado de El Dorado hasta 1879 cuando se convirtió en Superintendente de Educación del Condado.
El Sr. Markham asistió a una universidad en Vacaville, CA, donde estudió literatura y posteriormente su educación clásica en 1873 en Santa Rosa, CA. Al momento de su muerte, él había acumulado una enorme colección personal de más de 15,000 tomos/volúmenes. Algunas de las personas con las que el Sr. Edwin compartía correspondencia incluían a Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ambrose Bierce, Jack London, Carl Sandburg y Amy Lowell.  Cinco escuelas en California fueron nombradas en honor al Sr. Edwin Markham, siendo nuestra escuela secundaria una de ellas.


La Escuela Secundaria Willow Glen celebró su cincuenta aniversario durante el ciclo escolar 2000-01. Durante el ciclo escolar 1999-2000, la escuela fue remodelada en su totalidad. Todos los salones y oficinas ahora cuentan con unidades de calefacción y aire acondicionado, pisos nuevos, mejoras de instalaciones en conformidad con la Ley de estadounidenses con discapacidades o ADA,  pintura en su interior y exterior, mejoras al sistema eléctrico y tecnológico, techos nuevos donde se necesitaban y muebles nuevos. Se instaló una pista y una cancha nueva durante el verano de 2005. Se remodelaron los vestidores y oficinas del departamento de Educación Física (PE) durante el 2006. Se reemplazaron todas las ventanas y puertas durante el 2001. En 2008-09, WGMS recibió páneles solares como parte del proyecto de Energía Solar Chevron del distrito. Durante el verano de 2009, se pintó toda la escuela y el área de ciencias también se remodeló.

Capacitación profesional para el personal docente

Los maestros y administradores en nuestra escuela reciben capacitación profesional tres veces por año. Durante esos tres días de capacitación intensiva, nuestro personal tiene la oportunidad de compartir habilidades específicas, hablar sobre nuevos programas educativos o de tecnología, aprender acerca de nuestra comunidad escolar multicultural y diversa o aprender a analizar los resultados de los exámenes de los estudiantes. Los días de capacitación profesional son días de entrenamiento intensivo que duran usualmente seis horas aproximadamente.

Además de los días de capacitación para el personal, se les proporciona capacitación profesional a través de reuniones del personal después de clases. Los maestros de las diferentes áreas académicas tienen la oportunidad de reunirse durante horas de clase con otros maestros para trabajar en la elaboración de planes de estudio y revisar los resultados de los exámenes de los estudiantes. Los departamentos colaboran en la planeación de lecciones, enseñanza estándar, intervención y planeación para cada unidad. Para que la colaboración entre maestros sea posible, la escuela emplea maestros suplentes para impartir clases mientras los maestros se reúnen.

Colores escolares:

Rojo y dorado



Cantidad de estudiantes:


Cantidad de maestros:


Hechos de la Escuela

School Facts


Formerly Edwin Markham Middle School

Willow Glen Middle School, built in 1950, was formerly called Edwin Markham Middle School, named after famous poet Edwin Markham (1852-1940).  Markham taught literature in El Dorado County until 1879, when he became Education Superintendent of the County.  Markham attended an early college in Vacaville, CA, where he studied literature, and eventually completed his classical courses in 1873 in Santa Rosa, CA.  At the time of his death, he’d amassed a huge personal library of 15,000+ volumes. Edwin’s correspondents included Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ambrose Bierce, Jack London, Carl Sandburg and Amy Lowell.  Five schools in California were named in honor of Edwin Markham, one of which was our middle school.


Willow Glen Middle School celebrated its 50th anniversary during the 2000-01 school year. During 1999-2000, the school was completely renovated. All classrooms and offices now have new heating/air conditioning units, new floors, ADA upgrades, interior and exterior paint, electrical and technology upgrades, new roofs and ceilings as needed, and new furniture. New track and fields were installed during the summer of 2005. Renovation of P.E. locker rooms, changing rooms and P.E. offices took place during 2006. Replacement of all school windows and doors took place during 2007. In 2008-09, WGMS received solar panels as part of the district Chevron Solar Energy project. During the summer of 2009, the entire school was painted and the science wing received a remodel. 

Campus Map

Click here to download and print a WGMS Campus Map.pdf

Faculty Professional Development

Teachers and administrators at our school participate in three Staff Development days per year. During these intensive training days, our staff might share specific skills, discuss new curricula or technology, learn more about our culturally diverse school community, or how to analyze test scores.  Staff Development Days are intensive training days, usually lasting approximately six hours. 

In additional to Staff Development Days, professional development is delivered through after school In-Service meetings. Release time is given to departments for collaboration and cross-curricular lesson planning, and teachers are given student performance data to study. Departments collaborate on lesson planning, standard delivery, intervention and unit planning.

School Colors:

Red and Gold



Number of Students:


Number of Teachers: