Rules and Policies

Absence Notification:

When absent, a student must have his/her parent or guardian call the Absence Hotline the same day he/she is absent. If the school has not been notified by the fifth (5th) day following the absence, the absence will be unexcused.  If you are calling in a child’s absence, please call the Absence Hotline directly: 408-265-1412. Click Here to get additional information about attendance.

Check Out Policy (Student Appointments):

Student appointments should be made before or after school whenever possible as to not interrupt the educational process.  If an appointment must be scheduled during the school day, please adhere to the process below:
1) Send a note requesting permission for the student to leave specifying time, date and reason.  The note must be presented to the Attendance Office prior to first period.
2) Only adults listed on the student’s emergency form may sign a student out of school early.
3) Adults must come in to the Attendance Office to sign their student in and out.
4) Verification of appointments may be required.

Electronics/WGMS Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones and electronics are to be off and in backpacks from 8:00AM - 3:00PM.

Lost and Found:

Lost and found items are kept at the Attendance Office.  To pick up lost items, visit our school between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm.

Morning Drop Off / Afternoon Pick-Up:

Students should not arrive on campus earlier than 7:00 AM. Tuesday through Friday the entry bell rings at 8:00AM and school starts at 8:05 AM. Mondays are late start days and students should not arrive on campus earlier than 8:00AM, the Monday’s entry bell rings at 9:05AM and school starts at 9:10.  All students are released at 3:00PM Monday through Friday and students should be off campus by 3:30PM unless they are enrolled in an after school activity.

It is recommended students be dropped off and picked up on Cottle Avenue, in front of the school.  Additionally, there is a drop off area by the staff parking lot, which can be accessed beside the preschool.


Parents / guardians are encouraged to park in the open spaces on Cottle Road in front of the C and D wings.  Limited parking is also available in the staff parking lot, which can be accessed beside the preschool.  Also, several of our neighboring streets have available parking such as Madrona and the two streets south of Madrona.


Students are required to be in their assigned learning places when the bell rings. All tardies are recorded in the electronic attendance system. Consequences for the first three tardies are assigned by classroom teachers in accordance with their Classroom Discipline Plan. The fourth tardy, and all tardies thereafter, will result in a behavior referral. Saturday School is assigned for the sixth tardy.


Students must wear the basic school uniform to, from and during school with the exception of P.E. class.  Click here for more details about WGMS’ Uniform Policy.


Visitors are encouraged and welcome at WGMS.  All visitors are required to check in at the main office to sign-in and pick up a visitor’s badge. After visit, visitors must checkout in main office.


Volunteers are warmly welcomed at WGMS. To volunteer, contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or Katharine Norton, Assistant Principal of Guidance at 408-535-6277 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
Please review the following processes and complete the appropriate forms.

RAM Way Behavior Expectations

Click below to view the Ram Way Behavior Expectations Matrix

The RAM Way are the expected behaviors we have of all students at Willow Glen Middle.  We actively teach what it means to behave appropriate to every WGMS student in multiple locations of our school (i.e. classrooms, hallways, eating areas, bathrooms, etc), and we give students multiple opportunities to practice the expected behaviors.  We have a series of positive reinforcers for students who behave the RAM Way, and a series of consequences for students who don’t meet our school’s behavior expectations.  Click here to learn more about our positive climate initiative.

Please note:  Any extreme disruptive behavior listed in the San Jose Unified Student & Parent Handbook will result in more severe consequences than listed above and the possibility of immediate suspension without consideration of other discipline procedures . The student may be put on a behavior contract immediately upon return to school. Students may also lose activity privileges.  All behavior guidelines from the SJUSD Student and Parent Handbook will be followed at Willow Glen Middle School.  It is the student’s responsibility to read the district handbook.

For a complete list of District Behavior and Discipline Policies, click here:
Student/Parent Handbook