Student Safety

Willow Glen Middle School has four Campus Supervisors who monitor the grounds, bathrooms and hallways before and after school, during passing periods and during lunch. Administrators are always visible throughout the day at all passing periods and lunchtime. A full-time police officer is present each day at school. Staff and students practice emergency drills on a regular basis and are prepared for all situations that may arise.

Before and After School Safety

Please review the following information from the San Jose Unified School District Student/Parent & Staff Information Handbook:

For the safety of students, parents are not to drop students off at school prior to 30 minutes before the start of school, unless the student is involved in a regular school activity or community program. Similarly, parents are to arrange to have their student picked up right after school, unless the student is involved in a regular school activity or community program or is staying at the request of school personnel: YMCA; Library; Academic Intervention; Detention; Athletics; Clubs; 7th period. It is the school’s responsibility to contact the parent when the school wishes to have the student remain after school. If your child is a bus rider, it is also the responsibility of the parent to make arrangements to meet the child at the designated bus drop off location at the designated time. It is unsafe for students to be left at school during unsupervised times and it is unfair to expect school office staff to supervise students on a regular basis. Parents who routinely fail to meet this responsibility will be notified by the school, notified in writing by the Student Services Department, and in the case of repeated occurrences, reported to the appropriate community agency. In case of emergency, all children should be encouraged to go directly to the school office at any time before or after school. The safety of all our students is of great importance to us.  Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.  If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate grade level advisor/assistant principal.

Safety Plan

Our school’s comprehensive safety plan was reviewed and updated August 2014.  The safety plan is reviewed with staff on an ongoing basis.  We revisit portions on the plan on a monthly basis at our staff meeting   Additionally, the safety plan was reviewed in its entirety with all staff August 2011.


Staff, parents and students developed our school’s student Uniform Policy and Discipline Plan. The information is provided to each parent at the beginning of each school year along with a copy of the district Behavior Handbook. School standards and expectations are included in each student’s Homework Planner. At the beginning of each semester, teachers also provide written expectations for students and parents through the format of a course syllabus (green sheet).  All students are expected to Cooperate, Achieve, be Respectful and be Responsible for a positive campus climate.