School Facts


Formerly Edwin Markham Middle School

Willow Glen Middle School, built in 1950, was formerly called Edwin Markham Middle School, named after famous poet Edwin Markham (1852-1940).  Markham taught literature in El Dorado County until 1879, when he became Education Superintendent of the County.  Markham attended an early college in Vacaville, CA, where he studied literature, and eventually completed his classical courses in 1873 in Santa Rosa, CA.  At the time of his death, he’d amassed a huge personal library of 15,000+ volumes. Edwin’s correspondents included Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ambrose Bierce, Jack London, Carl Sandburg and Amy Lowell.  Five schools in California were named in honor of Edwin Markham, one of which was our middle school.


Willow Glen Middle School celebrated its 50th anniversary during the 2000-01 school year. During 1999-2000, the school was completely renovated. All classrooms and offices now have new heating/air conditioning units, new floors, ADA upgrades, interior and exterior paint, electrical and technology upgrades, new roofs and ceilings as needed, and new furniture. New track and fields were installed during the summer of 2005. Renovation of P.E. locker rooms, changing rooms and P.E. offices took place during 2006. Replacement of all school windows and doors took place during 2007. In 2008-09, WGMS received solar panels as part of the district Chevron Solar Energy project. During the summer of 2009, the entire school was painted and the science wing received a remodel. 

Campus Map

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Faculty Professional Development

Teachers and administrators at our school participate in three Staff Development days per year. During these intensive training days, our staff might share specific skills, discuss new curricula or technology, learn more about our culturally diverse school community, or how to analyze test scores.  Staff Development Days are intensive training days, usually lasting approximately six hours. 

In additional to Staff Development Days, professional development is delivered through after school In-Service meetings. Release time is given to departments for collaboration and cross-curricular lesson planning, and teachers are given student performance data to study. Departments collaborate on lesson planning, standard delivery, intervention and unit planning.

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Red and Gold



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