School Dances

School dances are a fun time for everyone. All dances (except for the 8th grade promotion dance) are open to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. 

Tickets to all dances are $7.  Tickets can be purchased at lunch during the week before the dance.  No tickets will be sold after 4:00pm on the dance day - No tickets will be sold at the door. 

Pizza, snacks, and drinks will be available for purchase at all dances.

Rules for all dances are below:
1. Dress should follow SJUSD guidelines. Click HERE to review these guidelines.

2. Bring your ID to the dance.

3. Follow all school rules while at the dance.

4. Arrive for the dance no more than half an hour prior to the beginning of the dance.

5. You may not enter the dance more than 1/2 hour after the dance starts unless prior approval was granted by the Activity Director or administration.

6. If you are picked up more than 30 minutes after the end time, you may be kept from attending the next dance.

7. You cannot leave the dance early unless your parent is there to pick you up.

8. Upon entering the dance, students will be given a paper wristband/hand stamp.  After the first behavior incident, the band will be removed.  After the second incident, the student will be removed from the dance and parents will be called to pick up the student.

9. If you violate any of these rules, you can be sent home or not allowed to enter the dance. 

10. No refunds will be given for dance tickets if a student becomes ineligible or unable to attend or remain at the dance for any reason.