Environmental Science Club

The WGMS Environmental Science Club is a service club for 6th grade students. We complete six projects per year, some of which include:
* Collecting batteries at the school that may otherwise end up in landfills
* Making recycled gifts for teachers, staff and parents
* Making posters to put up around the school
* Building a service project for the school like a bench or a mural

Here are some other fun things we do in the Environmental Science Club:
- We have a plot in the school garden and grow flowers as gifts to beautify the offices at our school.
- We care for the earth and share how to do that with other people at home and school.
- We take pictures and make podcasts for our projects.  We also research and post information about recycling.
- When we finish a project, we have a free play day where we can just hang out and have fun in the science room!
- At the end of the year, we go on a field trip to celebrate our accomplishments of working together.

Click here to see a Quicktime movie of our Battery Recycling Podcast.mov

If you’re in the 6th grade, you care about the Earth, and want to have fun helping others, please join us!