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Ms. Dyzio

7th Grade Physical Education


I have been teaching Physical Education @ WGMS since 2006. I have taught PE for 18 years, all grade levels, in Poland and USA but 7th grade remains my favorite! 7th Grade Rules!

I earned my BS and MS in PE from Sports Academy in Poland and a second MA in PE from Adelphi University, NY. I hold a California Teacher Credential in Physical Education.

My hobbies & interests include: personal fitness, music, movies, traveling, and motivating my students to better themselves. You rock 7th graders!!!
Sports of course have always been a major part of my life. I enjoy playing tennis, badminton, volleyball, skiing, ice skating, dancing, and in general keeping myself fit. Favorite colors: green & red. I also LOVE DOGS! My favorite are: German Shepherd, German Pointer and Vizsla (a Hungarian pointer).
For me the most important things in life are: a good sense of humor, family, dogs, fitness/sports, real friends and teaching. PE is Fun! I take it with PRIDE what I do - I simply have the best job in the world!

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation” - Plato.

My PE class is challenging but positive and fun! I have high expectations for my students and expect them to set goals and give their personal best effort to improve.
My motto is: Respect, Honesty, Fun & PERSONAL BEST!
So be prepared, positive and ready to move in my PE class. Yes, you may feel pain but that’s your muscles getting stronger! My class will help you to try, succeed, fail and still continue to press on - dig deeper and never give up! Make yourself stronger than your excuses!
Side effects of my class include but are not limited to:
- laughter…
- improved fitness…
- wanting to run Bleachers or a mile for no reason…
- knowing that cheating is not an option…
- being OK that life and PE is not always fair and that a set back is a part of success if you continue to press on..
- be honest even if no one is looking…
- and of course just being plain incredible!!!

        PE 4 Life !
                        Ram Power!
                                        7th Grade Rocks!