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Public Records Act Requests

San José Unified responds to requests for public records pursuant to the California Public Records Act (CPRA), Government Code sections 6250 et seq. If responsive  records exist, they will be made available within a reasonable timeframe and following payment, if applicable.

Requests may be submitted to or through this online form.

Information on CPRA Requests

The District makes every effort to provide responsive records in a reasonable time.  You will be notified within ten days from the date of receipt of your request whether San José Unified:

  • Has records responsive to your request and requires payment to produce copies of such records,
  • Has records responsive to your request that have been determined to be exempt from disclosure and the reasons for exemption, and/or
  • Requires an extension of time to determine whether it has records responsive to your request

If your request was received after business hours, during a weekend, holiday, or district recess, the next business day will be considered the date of receipt.  The 10-day response period starts with the first calendar day after the date of receipt.  You will be contacted if there are questions regarding your request.

The request must be specific and clear enough for San José Unified to understand what record(s) are being sought.  By law, San José Unified is not required to create a record or list from an existing record, nor is the District required to produce records in an electronic format when the requested records are not available in electronic format at the time of the request. Copies of public records will not be provided if disclosure is exempt in accordance with law. Exempt records may include personal or confidential information.

For more information, please refer to the provisions of the California Public Records Act or contact the Public Information Officer at