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Become a Vendor

San José Unified’s Procurement and Purchasing Department manages the procurement of the district’s supplies and services. If you’d like to work with San José Unified, please submit a vendor application request form.

Contact the Procurement and Purchasing Department at or 408-535-6141.

Notice of Data Breach

California law requires that San José Unified and private contractors immediately disclose any data or security breaches in which personal information maintained by the District or by a vendor on the District’s behalf, is or is reasonably believed to be acquired by an unauthorized person (California Civil Code, Section 1798.25 and 1798.82).

In the event of a data breach, vendors must promptly notify San José Unified at with the following information:

  • Facts and details about the data breach, including the date(s) of the breach
  • The data, information, devices, or other assets that are believed to have been accessed without authorization
  • The measures being taken by the vendor to resolve and remedy the breach, including the actions to protect the individuals whose information was breached
  • The actions the person whose information has been breached may take to protect himself or herself
  • Contact information (phone number, email, website) for people who have additional questions related to the data breach