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Parcel Tax

Student success can be attributed to multiple factors, including the support that schools receive from the community. Since 2017, San José Unified schools have benefitted from a voter-approved parcel tax, Measure Y, that provides over $4 million in annual local funding. The parcel tax is effective through 2024-2025 and will help support San José Unified’s efforts to: 
  • Maintain and improve core academic programming in reading, writing, math, the arts and science
  • Improve programs to prepare students for college and 21st century careers
  • Attract and retain high performing teachers and educational staff

Parcel Tax Exemptions

Exemptions from paying the Measure Y Parcel Tax are available to qualifying individuals:

  • Property owners who are 65 years of age or older by June 30th of the current year, or
  • Recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance

Exemption applications are available and accepted year-round. Please submit a completed exemption form and the required documents by mail, email or in person until June 30th of the current year. Exemptions for multiple properties will not be approved.

Once approved, exemptions will be applied beginning the next tax year and will carry over until the parcel tax expires in 2024-25. However, if you sell your home and purchase a new home within San José Unified boundaries, you will need to file an exemption for the new property.

This parcel tax applies to parcels with land value. If your parcel is taxed for improvement value only (as in some mobile home parks), the parcel tax will not be assessed on your parcel, and you do not need to complete this application.

For questions, please email or call Veronica Causor-Lara at 408-535-6000 ext. 17212

Important forms and information

Senior Exemption Application Form English | Spanish | Vietnamese

SSI/SSDI Exemption Application Form English | Spanish | Vietnamese

Parcel Tax Oversight Committee