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Induction Program

The San José Unified Teacher Induction Program offers structured support and professional development to new teachers to prepare them to become more effective and successful in their classrooms as they transition from pre-service to credentialed teaching. Our program is approved and accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) as a pathway for candidates to clear their Multiple Subject, Single Subject, or Educational Specialist teaching credential. The program is provided to teachers free of charge.

While the Teacher Induction program is geared towards supporting and coaching new teachers, any teacher in San José Unified may request coaching from a site or district coach.

Upon completion of the two-year induction program and any renewal requirements, the Induction Coordinator will verify that the candidate has satisfactorily completed all program activities and requirements. Once verified, San José Unified will file the candidate’s application for a California Clear Teaching Credential.

Induction Program Overview

For questions about the Teacher Induction program or eligibility, call 408-535-6139 or email