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Biliteracy Recognition

San José Unified offers several opportunities for students in elementary and middle school to be recognized for demonstrating proficiency and competency in more than one language. Research has shown that acquiring more than one language from an early age leads to stronger cognitive abilities, multicultural awareness, improved academic achievement, and positive economic opportunities.

The biliteracy recognitions are established to acknowledge and award students in grades 5 and 8 who have demonstrated progress toward proficiency in more than one language in the areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Once in high school, eligible students can work toward the State Seal of Biliteracy.

Elementary School Pathway

San José Unified has two biliteracy recognition awards for eligible elementary students at the end of their fifth grade year. The primary difference between these awards is meeting specific proficiency criteria in English and one or more languages in addition to English.

  • Biliteracy Attainment Award
  • Bilingual Service and Participation Award

We encourage families to speak with their student's principal and read the brochures to learn more.

Elementary biliteracy pathway brochure: English | Spanish

Middle School Pathway

The Pursuit of Bilingualism Award recognizes students who are completing grade 8 who are engaged in developing language skills in two or more languages. The attainment of the Pursuit of Bilingualism award is an indicator that continued progression toward mastery of language skills could enable students to be meet the criteria for the State Seal of Biliteracy. Parents and students who are interested in learning more should contact their school administrators.

Read San José Unified's Pursuit of Bilingualism brochure English | Spanish

Learn about the high school State Seal of Biliteracy