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Two-Way Bilingual Immersion

students and teacher in classroom

Two-Way Bilingual Immersion (TWBI) education has been part of San José Unified for more than 30 years. In our TWBI program, students develop dual language proficiency by receiving instruction in both English and Spanish in a classroom that is usually composed of half native Spanish speakers and half native English speakers.  

Two-way programs provide both sets of students with ample exposure to the two languages, one language at a time, allowing them to progress and attain academic excellence in both languages while gaining an appreciation for another culture and developing mastery of grade-level content standards. The program aims to: 

  • Develop fluency in communication and literacy in two languages, Spanish and English 
  • Acquire knowledge in all academic subjects as outlined by the National Common Core Academic Standards 
  • Cultivate understanding and appreciation of other cultures, inspire self-esteem, and strengthen positive attitudes among students, their families, and the community 

Program participants and their families are expected to make a minimum commitment of six years from kindergarten through grade 5, to fully benefit from the TWBI model. Parents and guardians are required to attend an orientation to TWBI before enrolling their students in the program. Information sessions generally occur in January.