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Types of Courses

Visit each high school for a list of Accelerated, Honors, and Advanced Placement (AP) classes. The offerings may change from year to year. If you have questions, please contact your counselor.

Course Pathways

High school students have the opportunity to select the courses they take that best fit their needs and interests. There are multiple sequences of courses (or pathways) for students to satisfy graduation and college entrance requirements, as well as a variety of options for students to take accelerated, honors, or college-level classes. Students will meet with their counselors to review their transcript and discuss viable course options for the upcoming year.

Below are examples of possible pathways in English and Science. Course offerings vary by year and school. Please see your school administrator or counselor for questions.

Dual Enrollment

San José Unified partners with San José-Evergreen Community College District (SJECCD) to offer concurrent enrollment community college courses at San José Unified high schools. Courses are taught by community college instructors and allow students to earn college credit while enrolled in high school. 

While the courses are hosted at San José Unified high schools, they adhere to San José City College (SJCC) rules and regulations and the instructors are SJCC employees. SJCC instructors will communicate directly with the student to help simulate a college experience. 

Students who are interested in learning more or registering in the concurrent enrollment program must contact their academic counselor.