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Progress Reports

Teachers use consistent standards to guide their instruction. These standards describe the knowledge or skills that all students should learn and be able to demonstrate at the end of each grade level. San José Unified uses a standards-based report card to communicate a student’s academic progress, areas of strength and growth, and demonstration of social-emotional skills.

In grades 6-12, progress reports will be mailed to the primary address two times per semester at six week intervals to communicate the student’s academic achievement to date, based on stated curriculum objectives. The semester report card is mailed once the semester grades close.  

A report card grade will be a letter grade that will correlate to a percentage of rubric scale unless the course is designated as pass/fail in the course catalog. Grade marks may be determined using the percentage or rubric scale: 










Parents/guardians have ongoing access to grades and assignments by logging into the Infinite Campus Parent Portal or by becoming an Observer in their student's Canvas account. 

Parents of students who are at risk of failing a class will receive a notification no later than three weeks prior to the end of the semester. Check Progress Report 2 and 4 to verify if your student is at risk of failing a class. Teacher conferences are not required in grades 6-12, however, parents/guardians are welcome to request a conference with their student’s teacher(s) to discuss progress. Please contact the teacher or the school office to schedule.