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Special Education

San José Unified provides programs and services for students with disabilities to ensure equal access to the grade level curriculum. Our special education services create inclusive educational climates where individuality and diversity are respected, honored, and celebrated.  

We are committed to providing services that meet the unique needs of our individual students. By law, the district will actively locate, identify, and assess all children with disabilities including students who are homeless, wards of the state, and enrolled in public or private schools.  Consideration for a special education referral for assessment may be appropriate after research-based intervention strategies have been implemented over time. We encourage parents/guardians to start by discussing concerns with your child’s teacher, the principal, or through a Student Success Team.  

If your student is newly enrolled in San José Unified and has an Individualized Education Program (IEP), please provide a copy of the plan. 

Requesting Special Education Records

Please email to request special education records from San José Unified.