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New Student Enrollment

The primary goal of the Enrollment Center is to provide families in the San José Unified School District with a more efficient enrollment process and access to district resources at the point of enrollment.

Students who live full-time within the boundaries of the San José Unified School District are eligible to attend our schools as defined by California law GOV Code and SJUSD Board Policy (5111.1). 

Note: Owning a home within San Jose Unified does not qualify a student to attend SJUSD schools, unless it can be shown that the student is also living (sleeping) full-time in that home. Students living outside the district boundaries will need an Interdistrict Transfer.

Our Enrollment Center and Family Resource Center is open Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 4:00pm, with the last enrollment appointment taken at 3:30pm.

San José Unified Enrollment Center
855 Lenzen Avenue
San José, CA 95126
(408) 535-6412
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NOTE: Completing the online registration does not officially enroll your student. You must visit the Enrollment Center in person to provide the Enrollment Requirements. If you register online in advance, your appointment at the Enrollment Center may take less than 15 minutes.

Enrolling for 2020-2021

If your child is currently a 5th or 8th-grade student at the San José Unified school, you do not need to re-enroll or schedule an appointment. Please refer to the Middle & High School Placement page.

Note: Parents and guardians of new students enrolling can schedule a registration appointment beginning December 2nd, 2019, for January & February pre-registration for the 2020-2021 school year.

To participate in the magnet school lotteries (Hacienda, Hammer, and River Glen Schools) or the Two-Way Bilingual Immersion lotteries (Bachrodt, Gardner, Trace, and Willow Glen),  you must enroll during phase 1 of pre-registration, Feb 3 – March 13, 2020

All new enrollments must be submitted and processed at the Enrollment Center. Click here to review the enrollment requirements and make an appointment. Walk-ins are always welcome.

Enrollments for the secondary school choice and magnet school are processed using a lottery.  Students must be enrolled during Phase 1 to take place in the lottery.  Enrollments occurring after that date will be placed on the waitlist after the lottery students on a first come, first serve basis.

For additional information, please call (408) 535-6412 or send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Magnet Schools

If you request that your student attend one of San José Unified’s magnet schools, your student will be placed in a “lottery” process. Click here to learn more.

Two Way Bilingual Immersion (TWBI) Program

To enroll your child in San José Unified’s Two-Way Bilingual Immersion (TWBI) Program, you will need to attend an orientation prior to enrollment. Click here to learn more.

Orientation & Tour Schedules

Middle School
High School
Magnet Programs



Elementary (Grade TK-5)

INTRADISTRICT: Request to transfer to another school WITHIN San José Unified School District

Students requesting a new Intradistrict Transfer will be placed according to these priorities below, ranked in order of importance:

  1. A parent/guardian who works at a San José Unified site within the requested school’s attendance boundary
  2. Students with a sibling currently attending the requested school
  3. A parent/guardian who works within the requested school’s boundary
  4. Students with childcare within the requested school’s boundary

Note:  Applications in priorities 1 and 2 must be received between February 3 and March 13, 2020 to be reviewed by April 15, 2020.
All new applications will be processed based on space availability and may not be considered until two weeks after the start of the school year.
Intradistrict are required to be renewed annually.  Denials will be notified before the end of the school year.

Apply for an intradistrict transfer

Please complete the application and submit it to Student Assignment Office or at time of new registration.

TRANSFER TO NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOL:  Is your student attending a school other than their neighborhood school and want to return to their neighborhood school?

Apply to request a transfer

Middle and High School (Secondary- GRADE 6-12)

Transfers within SJUSD: Current and active students may apply for a Secondary Transfer (grade 6-12) and must have a satisfactory academic, behavior, and attendance record.


  • Students who currently attend an Alternative ED school and/or have a CWA placement will need to have their transfer application approved by the appropriate department.
  • Students who currently have an IEP and receive Special Education Services such as SDC will need to have their transfer application approved by a Program Specialist.

Secondary students ONLY transfer at the beginning of each semester

Apply for a Secondary Transfer

Interdistrict (OUT)

Request to transfer to another school OUTSIDE of San José Unified School District.

The Interdistrict application can be submitted via email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) in the Student Assignment Department and will need to be renewed annually.

Apply for an Interdistrict Transfer

When applying for an Interdistrict Transfer, parents must provide:

  • Child Care Affidavit if applicable (TK-5th grade only);
  • Proof of employment must be on the letter head (TK-5th grade only);
  • IEP (Special Education students only)

If your application is approved, it will be sent to the requested district, which also must approve it before the transfer is complete.

San José Unified will approve transfers to another district for the following reasons:

  • The students receive childcare services within the boundary of the requested district (Grades TK-5 only; verification required);
  • One or more parent guardian works within the boundary of the requested district (Grades TK-5 only; verification required);
  • The student is in their last year of an academic level (Grades 5, 8, and 12);
  • The requested district or school has programs and/or curriculum not available in San José Unified;
  • The student moved out of the requested district after the start of the school year; and/or
  • A transfer would assist with the student’s socio-emotional adjustment.
Interdistrict (IN) Transferring into San José Unified

Students who live outside the boundaries of San José Unified and want to attend one of our schools must request an Interdistrict transfer from their district of residence. Your district of residence will forward your application to San José Unified for review.

Even if an Interdistrict Transfers is granted, it will be renewed annually. Your student may be subject to displacement in future years due to increases in neighborhood enrollment at their chosen school or program.
Please note that transportation services will not be provided by the district for students with Interdistrict Transfers.

Interdistrict Transfers will be processed according to these priorities:

  1. Students whose parent/guardian is a district employee (30+ hours/week) at a site within the school’s attendance boundary.
  2. Students with a sibling attending the requested school;
  3. Students with childcare in the requested school’s attendance boundary (Grades TK-5);
  4. Students whose parents work within the school’s attendance boundary (Grades TK-5);
  5. Students in their last year of an academic level (Grades 5, 8 and 12);
  6. Change of address; and
  7. Socio-emotional adjustment.
Interdistrict Attendance Appeal

Anyone wishing to file an Interdistrict attendance appeal must first follow the appeal process according to SJUSD Board Policy AR 5117:

Step 1. Appeal to the Interdistrict Appeal Committee, chaired by the Administrator for Intedistrict Transfers. If denied,
Step 2. Appeal to the Office of the Deputy Superintendent. If denied,
Step 3. Appeal to the San Jose Unified School District Board. If denied,
Step 4. Appeal to Santa Clara County Board of Education.

For questions regarding the Interdistrict Appeals process, please contact the SJUSD Enrollment Center @ .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). For additional information on policy, regulations, or how to file an appeal once completing steps 1-3, please visit the Santa Clara County Office of Education website at: https://www.sccoe.org/supoffice/student-appeals/Pages/Interdistrict-Appeals.aspx

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Forms & Applications

Enrollment and Registration Forms

The following documents are provided to help you begin the registration process. You can click here to complete these forms online, download the forms by clicking below, or pick up a hard copy packet at the Enrollment Center.

  1. Enrollment Requirements
  2. Enrollment Forms
  3. Verification of Residency
  4. Parent/Guardian Consent Form for Enrollment
  5. Transfer within SJUSD (Grades TK-5 - attendance boundary)
  6. Transfer within SJUSD (Grade 6-12 - SJUSD active student only)
  7. Intradistrict Student Transfer(TK-5 - transfer within SJUSD school)
  8. Child Care Affidavit(to use with Intra District application
  9. Interdistrict Transfer(Transfer to another district)
  10. TB Risk Assessment for School Entry
  11. Immunization Requirements
  12. Immunization Clinics
  13. Oral Health Assessment
  14. Report of Health Exam (required for entering First Grade)
  15. Exchange of Student Information (School in US only)
  16. Legal Name Gender Change
  17. Ethnicity Change
  18. Family Self Help-Center Location
  19. Meal Application (Online)
  20. Transportion application
  21. Instructional School Calendar 19/20
  22. Transportation Bell Schedule

Immunization Requirements

All of your student’s immunization records must be provided to the Enrollment Center or school office. Your student will be excluded from attending class until these records have been received.

Click below to read more about…

Please call the Enrollment Center at (408) 535-6412 if you have any questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to schedule an appointment to enroll my student, or can I just walk in?

To ensure the fastest service, we recommend you make an appointment to visit our Enrollment Center, walk-ins are accepted.

NOTE: Parents of current 5th or 8th-grade students do not need to make an appointment to register for middle or high school. Please refer to the Middle & High School Placement process.

When should I register my child for TK/Kindergarten?

Elementary Pre-Registration (TK-5) begins February 3rd, 2020 and ends March 13th, 2020. You must enroll your student if you would like your child to participate in the magnet school lottery (Hacienda, Hammer, and River Glen).

What is the cut-off birthdate for enrolling my child in Kindergarten?

For the 2020-2021School Year:

Students born between December 3, 2014, and September 1, 2015, will be enrolled in Kindergarten.

Students born between September 2, 2015, and December 2, 2015, will be enrolled in Transitional Kindergarten.

Students born between December 3, 2015, and December 31, 2015, are not eligible for enrollment in TK but can enroll in Kindergarten for the 2021-2022 School Year.

Can my student get a TB test after we complete enrollment?

No, this must be completed at time of enrollment. Click here to learn more.

What to Expect

Upon enrolling, students will be placed in their attendance boundary (or “neighborhood”) school and can start as soon as the next day.

It’s important for you to know that enrollment at your neighborhood school may sometimes exceed that school’s programmatic or physical capacity. Whenever that happens, the district will assign students to the nearest school with space available for the current school year and place those students on the wait list for their neighborhood school.

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