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San José Unified School District is proud to announce the appointment of Mary Ann Sy as the new Principal of Learning Options effective July 1, 2021.
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Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

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Learning Options

San José Unified offers various alternative education programs for students of all learning levels and backgrounds — from independent study to small continuation schools to the Middle College program at San Jose Community College.

Our goal is to help students recover credits, explore career options, and make decisions that will lead to graduation and a brighter future beyond. We believe in you!


Our Mission

Learning Options provides additional support and an alternative environment for students who find the traditional educational setting is not ideal for their academic and personal success.

Students in Learning Options will learn essential academic and life skills that will enable them to explore opportunities and identify the steps that allow them to succeed and contribute in the local and global community. Student success is determined using multiple forms of assessment to identify a student’s level of engagement and learning, keeping focus on their individual educational goals.

Our dedicated staff will adapt in order to achieve these goals regardless of each student’s previous academic performance, family background, socioeconomic status, race, orientation, or gender.


Middle College

San José Middle College is an advanced program for juniors and seniors who take two to three (2-3) free college classes and four (4) high school classes on the San José City College (SJCC) campus. Students earn a high school diploma while accumulating transferable credits for community colleges and four-year universities.

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Liberty High School

Liberty High School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The program allows students to receive their high school education through a structured individualized independent study program.

Enrollment in Liberty is a voluntary process. The first step is for students and their parents/guardians to meet with their home school CWA counselor. If the student is referred to Liberty, students and their parents/guardians attend an enrollment meeting — typically scheduled on Fridays of each week.

2020-21 Bell Schedule

Student Requirements

Each student is required to maintain satisfactory weekly attendance and academic progress as laid out in a personalized Master Agreement. Students work through a selection of coursework designed to strengthen their academic skills while fulfilling all of their graduation requirements.

Students are required to attend 90-minute learning sessions a minimum of once a week in a small group setting with a certificated teacher. All weekly assignments must be completed before the start of the next learning session.

Additional Coursework

Students are encouraged to take additonal online courses through Cyber High and can receive support from our computer lab teacher.                         

Students are also encouraged to enroll at the Silicon Valley Career Technical Education Center (SVCTE), dual enroll at any local community college,and/or find part-time employment. Our professional team is happy to provide guidance in any of these areas.

Community Service

All students are required to complete 40 hours of community service in order to graduate. Teachers and counselors will provide students with an array of volunteer opportunities throughout the local community and/or on campus.

Community College

Liberty seniors are required to meet with a Liberty counselor to explore community college opportunities. The counselor will assist students with the enrollment process and financial aid application.

Throughout the year, students will have an opportunity to participate in field trips to local community colleges to learn about the array of educational programs offered they offer.

College Credits

While our alternative graduation plan requires the same number of credits as a traditional high school, many of our courses are not UC or CSU approved. Additionally, many four-year universities will not accept alternative credits for admission as a freshman.

However, a successful community college student may transfer to almost any university. We are WASC accredited, which allows all students to receive financial support for college.

Parent Participation

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to participate in School Site Council, WASC visitations, and Open House meetings. Parents can call us to set up times to meet with their child’s teacher or counselor to receive an update on their student’s progress.

Middle School Students

Families of middle school students (grades 6-8) should meet with the CWA counselor at their home school or with the San José Unified Student Services Department to see if Liberty would be a good fit.

Contact Liberty

For more information, please email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or contact Principal Claudia Saavedra at (408) 535-6539 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Home Study Program

San José Unified’s Home Study Program is an educational option designed to provide an alternative setting for children whose parents prefer a home-based environment for their education. The program provides students with the opportunity to pursue an education at their own pace, create a bridge between home, school, and the community, achieve competency in basic skills, and excel in areas of special interest. Parents and students benefit from peer support groups while receiving additional support from teachers and administrators.

We have a unique high school program that allows students to be either completely homeschooled or to combine homeschooling with their “home” high school classes or with college coursework. Students must take a minimum of four (4) classes through the Home Study Program while following a college bound SJUSD course of study. All students enrolled in the program may be involved in their home high school’s extracurricular activities, including: sports, dances, clubs, drama, music, career center or peer tutoring if desired.

To learn more, please call: (408) 535-6539

For grades K-8, please contact Bonnie Ward at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
For grades 9-12, please contact Julia Carpentieri at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Credits & Transfers

We are considered a college prep program. However, at this time, we cannot offer AP course credit. Students may take AP tests or join with study groups at their home high school. College coursework usually receives double credit at the high school level and is considered at minimum an Honors class by most colleges.

All interdistrict transfer students must have and maintain a 2.0 minimum grade point average in order to attend the program and will be assigned to Lincoln High School as their home school.

Parent Resources

We provide a number of resources and opportunities to assist you with homeschooling your child, including but not limited to:

  • A rich, varied curriculum that suits your child’s needs
  • State standards-based curriculum and answer keys
  • Monthly meetings with graded materials and student, parent, and resource teacher participation
  • On-site classes on a variety of subjects
  • One-on-one or other enriched teaching
  • Field trips
  • Counseling

Silicon Valley Career Technical Education

Silicon Valley Career Technical Education (SVCTE) offers state-of-the art programs taught by industry professionals who engage students in rigorous, real-world academics and skills development designed to support their success through college and in their future careers.

SVCTE offers courses within 12 industry sectors, where 11th and 12th graders can explore and develop technical skills that will lead them to higher education or into the workplace. At least a dozen courses meet UC “A-G” requirements.

SVCTE students remain enrolled at their home high school and are required to attend classes there every day. Free transportation is available. Students may also drive or be transported to campus.

Course Credits

SVCTE students earn high school and college credits through hands-on training. Students must enroll in either a morning session (two-hour daily program) or an afternoon session (three-hour daily program).


SVCTE serves students from 32 high schools in six school districts. Classes are designed specifically for high school students. Adults may register as space is available.

Learn more and enroll

For more information about SVCTE, students are encouraged to visit their website or contact their home school career/college counselor or follow the links below.

Learn more on the SVCTE website

Apply to Enroll at Silicon Valley CTE


Advanced Career Education

Advanced Career Education (ACE) is a program for special education students ages 18-22 with an active Individual Education Plan (IEP). This program is offered to students after they have completed their four years of high school. The student’s case manager can provide families with more information about the ACE program.

The ACE program’s focus is to build the independent living skill sets of students both at home and in the workplace. The program offers structured learning opportunities for students in a variety of workplaces close to campus, working with job coaches and teachers.

What you will learn

ACE students will have opportunities to learn how to:

  • Cook healthy meals;
  • Shop for groceries;
  • Maintain a clean living space; and
  • Use public transportation to accomplish daily tasks.

Students will also have opportunities to learn how to garden and use the vegetables they grow in their cooking. Students work in small, safe, and structured classrooms with qualified special education teachers and instructional associates.

Bell Schedule

2020-21 Bell Schedule

2020-2021 Back to School Night

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Home Hospital Program

Learning Options provides a Home Hospital program for students experiencing health issues that prevent them from attending their home school. Parents/Guardians can contact their home school administrator for an application. The application and medical notes must be submitted to San José Unified’s Health and Family Services Department. They will help to guide families through the application process.

Once an application is approved, Learning Options will work with the home school to arrange for a teacher to meet with the student at their home or appropriate location for five hours of educational service per week. An adult is required to be present during the learning sessions. The length of the program depends on the student’s indvidual needs.

At the end of Home Hospital service, students are expected to return to their home school.