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Board Policy 1325 and the accompanying Administrative Regulation 1325 govern the requirements for the distribution of advertising and promotional materials. Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) or School-Connected Organizations (SCO) may submit their banners and flyers to their school’s administrator(s) for approval. Only flyer or banner submissions from San José Unified PTAs or SCOs will be approved for distribution in our schools. All other organizations looking to distribute flyers or display banners will be approved on a case-by-case basis by the site administrator. 

Guidelines for banners and flyers

  • Banner or flyer format must be in PDF, JPG, PNG, or Microsoft Word formats and submitted via email to the school’s administrator for review
  • Flyers must include this disclaimer: “Approval for distribution of these materials does not imply endorsement by San José Unified School District.” 
  • Banners must display the following: “Display of this material does not imply endorsement by San José Unified School District.”

Important considerations

  • Schools have the authority to make flyers available in any manner deemed appropriate for their site
  • Schools are not responsible for printing flyers. Please deliver the flyer in the appropriate formats and quantities
  • Activities held at a school site require a copy of the Facility Use Permit to be submitted with the banner/flyer. Visit Facilitron to apply for a permit
  • The San Jose Teachers’ Association (SJTA) must approve all flyers intended for teachers. Please call SJTA at 408-267-0411 for more information