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Homework is an activity students can do independently and is defined as the assigned learning activities that are done outside of the classroom. Homework has a clear purpose and provides students the opportunity to practice previously taught skills and use acquired knowledge. Homework should support enhanced learning, provide students and teachers with feedback on student mastery of previously taught material and should be appropriate to a student’s needs and abilities.  

Homework is assigned by grade level, subject area, and ability to meet students’ needs. We ask parents to support their children in finding a time and place for homework to be completed. Parents are encouraged to communicate with the teacher if there are questions or concerns about homework.

General homework expectations:

Grade Daily Homework Maximum
Grades K-1

10 minutes daily, plus 10 minutes of reading 

Grade 2

20 minutes daily, plus 15 minutes of reading 

Grades 3-5

30 minutes daily, plus 20 minutes of reading 

Grades 6-8

1 ½ hours daily 

Grades 9-12

2 hours per day (advanced courses may exceed this average)