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Parent Organizations

Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) / Parent Teacher Student Associations (PTSA)

A Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a group of volunteers who advocate for the education and welfare of all students. Many schools in San José Unified have a PTA that supports the school through volunteer coordination, community events, school programs, fundraising, and parent education. PTA membership is open to all parents/guardians of students enrolled at the school.  Middle and high schools have the choice of forming a PTA or PTSA. In the PTSA, students and parents may become members, vote, and hold elected office. Each school PTA or PTSA is a member of the National and State PTA organization.

To see if your school has an active PTA, contact your school’s office or visit your school’s website. 

School Connected Organizations (SCO) 

A School-Connected Organization (SCO) is a group of parent, guardian, or community members who convene to support the educational and/or extracurricular programs of San José Unified and our schools. The Handbook for School-Connected Organizations has complete details for establishing or renewing an SCO. Contact your principal to see if your school has an operational SCO.