Building a better dress code

June 21, 2017

During the 2016-17 school year, Madeline Armacost, then a senior at Pioneer High, approached school administrators with concerns about the district’s student dress code policy. She had noticed inconsistencies in how the dress code was enforced that appeared biased against young women and caused unnecessary interruptions to their education.

As a result of Madeline’s activism and input from other students, San José Unified has amended our student dress code to remove gender-specific language and ensure that enforcement creates a minimal disruption in the educational day.

Now a college student, Madeline spoke at last week’s Board of Education meeting, when the amended policy was formally adopted. You can click here to review the full policy.

We’re proud of our students for stepping up to advocate for these important changes and helping to keep San José Unified the most innovative school district in the nation.