Happy New Year and COVID-19 Updates

December 31, 2021

We hope you have a safe and healthy start to 2022.  As we continue preparing for the return of students and staff to school next week, we have important information to share.  Thank you for your assistance in keeping our schools as safe as possible for our students, staff, and community.

COVID-19 Testing
The State of California continues to recommend that travelers get tested 3-5 days after arriving home.  Students and staff can get a RT-PCR COVID-19 test at no cost through San José Unified.  Tests can be scheduled at go.sjusd.org/COVIDtest.

We have added testing on Sunday, January 2, 2022 to give students and staff additional time to get their results before they return to school or work.  Testing through San José Unified is available from 8:10 am to 4:30 pm as follows:

  • Sunday, January 2, 2022 at the Operations Warehouse (2171 Cottle Ave)
  • Monday, January 3, 2022 at the District Office (855 Lenzen Ave), Operations Warehouse, and Liberty (Erikson) (4849 Pearl Ave)
  • Every school day, all three testing locations

Santa Clara County also offers free COVID-19 tests at multiple locations throughout the county.

Please note that students are not required to have a COVID-19 test prior to returning to school on Tuesday, January 4, 2022 and only unvaccinated staff are required to test twice per week.

At-Home Test Kits
Yesterday, we received the at-home test kits provided by California for all public school students.  There is no requirement to get or use these rapid tests, they are available as another resource for students as we prepare to return to school.  These rapid test kits will be available for pickup for any student attending a San José Unified school from 8:10 am to 4:30 pm as follows:

  • Sunday, January 2, 2022 at the Operations Warehouse
  • Monday, January 3, 2022 at the District Office, Operations Warehouse, and Liberty (Erikson)

Please note that if a student or staff member has a symptom of COVID-19 or has been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive person, an at-home test result will not be accepted.  A PCR test, available at our testing locations, will be needed for students and staff to return to school or work.

Updated CDC Guidance
This week, the CDC issued updated isolation and quarantine recommendations for vaccinated and unvaccinated people who test positive or have been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive person.  Once the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) updates its guidance for K-12 schools, San José Unified will update our safety protocol accordingly. 

Until we receive an update from CDPH, we will continue to follow our current COVID-19 Safety Protocol and the Learning Guide for Families.  Specifically, our mask requirement is still in effect, we will continue to encourage frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing, and everyone must complete a COVID-19 health screen before coming to a San José Unified location.

The most effective public health measure we have is vaccination.  87% of eligible Santa Clara County residents have been vaccinated and 55% have received their booster.  COVID-19 vaccines are safe and recommended for every one ages 5 years and older. The benefits of getting a COVID-19 vaccine outweigh any known and potential risks.  To get vaccinated or boosted now, visit sccfreevax.org.

Safety Prioritized
As school resumes, we will continue to focus on the health and safety of our students, staff, and community.  We have already experienced staffing shortages and increased absences this school year.  It will be more necessary than ever to leverage our available staff to keep all classrooms open while maintaining essential services.

We encourage you to visit our website to the greatest extent possible, http://www.sjusd.org, for the latest information on COVID-19, enrollment, and more so that our staff can remain focused on ensuring every student has a caring adult in their classroom every day.

Many employees have been hard at work the last couple of weeks to best prepare San José Unified for this phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Work that normally would have been completed has been replaced by these most recent challenges.  We appreciate your patience, understanding, and support as we continue to prioritize safety.

Wishing you the best in 2022.




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