Budget Advisory Committee

The Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) advises the Superintendent on budget development for each fiscal/school year. The Superintendent weighs the advice of the committee along with the priorities of the district’s Strategic Plan in preparing a final budget for recommendation to the Board of Education in June.

Role & Responsibilities
  • Develop an understanding of the budget and financial issues;
  • Develop recommendations for improving communication to enhance understanding of the district’s budget and financial condition;
  • Develop recommendations on fiscal and program priorities that support the district’s Strategic Plan and a balanced budget;
  • Review the district’s budget, share information with constituent groups, and generate recommendations for the Superintendent to consider in the budget development process; and
  • Contribute to and support a collaborative process.

Next meeting:

San José Unified School District
855 Lenzen Avenue
San Jose, CA 95126
Monday, September 12, 2022
Beginning at 6:00 PM
First Floor


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