Device Distribution

We are committed to ensuring that every student has the technology they need to successfully participate in distance learning. iPads are available for every student in grades preK-3 and Chromebooks are available for every student in grades 4-12. Hotspots are also available for families who need assistance with their internet connections.

All students who receive a district-issued device must also review the accompanying packet. The packet contains an overview letter, instructions for how to use the device, password reset instructions, and a copy of San José Unified’s Technology Acceptable Use Policy. To view an electronic version of the packet, please click HERE.

System Requirements

To successfully participate in distance learning, San José Unified students must use Canvas, Webex, and a variety of other programs. Families should only decline a district-issued iPad or Chromebook if they are sure their personal devices can support all necessary schoolwork. To review websites, programs, and system requirements, please click HERE.

Resources and Support

If you’ve looked at the information above and on the Training for Families page and still need individual help with your devices or applications, the San José Unified technology team is here to support you. Please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with a clear subject line and an explanation of the problem, including screenshots if possible.