What To Expect in Coming Weeks

March 23–27

We are asking teachers to reconnect with students. Video lessons for Math TK through Algebra II will be available at SJUSD.org. Two new math video lessons will be provided weekly.

March 30–April 1

Teachers will prepare for distance learning and develop their individual plan for providing support to students. Video lessons for Language Arts TK – 11th grade will be available at SJUSD.org. Two new video lessons will be provided weekly.

April 2–3

Teachers will connect with students and families to share plans for learning during the closure.

April 6–May 1

Teachers will begin sharing opportunities for students to practice and reinforce academic content and skills using familiar tools currently used in their classrooms. For example, if your teacher uses Google Classroom already, he or she will continue to use that tool for sharing instructional materials.
During the planned suspension of normal school operations through the end of the closure, students will not submit assignments for graded work. We want students to take advantage of these learning opportunities, so they are ready to learn new material and skills when we return to school.

April 13-17

Scheduled Spring Recess. Recorded lessons will be provided for Math and Language Arts. Teachers are not expected to provide additional learning opportunities.

  • Assignments: SJUSD staff will provide suggested learning opportunities each week.
  • Assessments: SJUSD staff will give feedback to students based on those learning opportunities.
  • Grading: At this time, we are not grading assignments however we continue to work with the CDE to determine the appropriate strategy to give students credit for the work completed.

Staff not assigned to a class will continue to support the needs of all students.